Friday, May 27, 2011

30 weeks and change...

Hi there... remember me?

Yeah sorry about that long absence... I just didn't have a lot to say. Things here have been uneventful. Well they were until yesterday that is.

Yesterday was a prenatal appt and u/s to check and see where my placenta was lying. In the hopes of it hopefully lying somewhere far far away from the cervix. Because I'm me and we all know that nothing with me ever goes smoothly we learned that that darn placenta hasn't moved a millimeter. I somehow was living under the mistaken impression that while it was low it was a few centimeters away from the cervix... not so much. It's exactly 7 millimeters away. So after the u/s we waited patiently for the doctor's appt where I got to learn all about what to watch out for as if to say - it's not a matter of if you'll have a bleeding episode it's a matter of when. I was a bit deflated at that point, but I still had the heads up to ask so - how was that glucose tolerance test... where I then learned my results were right at the cut off for doing the 3 hour test. We've elected to not do the 3 hour test, but to monitor my fasting blood sugars and see where they are. I'll do some pre and post ones as well as I'm an an*l retentive freak, but hopefully it's nothing.

Needless to say my balloon has popped a bit... things are going relatively well, but I feel as if I'm waiting for a shoe to drop right on my head... In the good news category - no bleeding, she's healthy and she's not breech. We'll take what we can get right?