Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloth vs Disposables

Dino D you have not suddenly gone senile - those are indeed disposables. We're still using cloth about 50-75% of the time. However when out and about we use disposables and also on travels we use disposables. Life is just a bit chaotic for me to use cloth when we go on road trips and fortunately our road trips are so infrequent that we just don't need to learn to travel with cloth.

I'm more of a bumgenius girl than a prefold girl... though I am slowly getting better at the prefolds. We generally use the bumgenius most days and my mom is definitely more into the bumgenius than the prefolds. I'm thinking of buying some fitteds to switch things up. So yes we're still doing cloth - just not in that particular picture :D

Come on baby - Do the

Fill in the blank- Locomotion.

We now have locomotion... movement... forward propulsion. We also have sideway and backwards and while it's not pretty or speedy we do have movement. He can get from point A to point B. Also if you watch closely you see nothing... it's when you look away - bam he's in another spot. Little stinker is shy about his accomplishments. It's great fun to see him grow and change right before our eyes.

We still have no teeth, though we have a ton of drool to go with absolutely nothing.

We do have a fence now... so I will not have anything to complain about for quite a while. A fence - how the hell did we survive without a fence? It has enriched our lives in ways that are too numerous to name.

Work is still crazy. D's work is still crazy. Life is just going by so quickly and taking the time to stop and smell the roses is something I force myself to do frequently... granted the roses I'm smelling is Squeak, and sometimes he definitely doesn't smell like roses. But he's mine and that's the part that I thank my lucky stars every day for...

Life before him was definitely boring and missing something. I knew there was a reason why we kept trying. Knowing the reason while it doesn't make all our losses go away... it makes them easier to bear.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We Survived!

The baptism on the 6th of April with minimal meltdowns... though taking 6 dogs in 2 cars helped us significantly and nursing an infant while husband is driving the car is something I thought I would never do - thankfully the dachshunds did allow me some leg room to climb in back so I could be near Squeaker or we would have been so SCREWED.

Lets see to start things off on Wednesday the 2nd of April I was woken by D saying - "Honey, I think we have to take Blue to the vet." Apparently Pepper in her infinite wisdom somehow managed to do something to Blue's eye - he came in from playing outside with a puffed up eye that he wouldn't open. The dog looked awful. I on no sleep and a friend took the 2 mangy mutts to the vet and learned Blue had scratched his cornea and would need 10 days of antibiotic drops. Wrestling a 50+ lb dog to put eye drops in 3 times a day was not high on my list of things to do. However within 2 days of starting the drops Blue no longer looked like he needed an eye patch to go anywhere.

Friday the 4th we gathered up all our supplies, foisted 2 dogs (Meg and Ernie) off on a friend who was also going to the other side of the state and would hand off Meg & Ernie to my mom as she drove through my home town. Finished loading up the car and started on our merry way. Car ride there was uneventful. My mom's house thankfully was finished being repaired and in her infinite wisdom she chose WHITE carpet. I blame her poor eye sight for that one... White carpet??? Seriously mom what the hell were you thinking. My mangy mutts put paw prints on it immediately and yes I do feel bad about it, but have no idea how to prevent if from happening again in July when we come for a visit.

Saturday found D's parents at my mom's and they loved on Squeaker... though he was a bit discombobulated about everything that was going on. Saturday I also visited with my brother and his wife and their clients (they run an adult foster care home).

Sunday was the big day and we managed to arrive at church on time. All parties accounted for and Squeaker was adorable... the minister took one look at him and announced during the service that he could see my dad in Squeaker with the grin he was giving him. The actual baptism Squeaker was a peach through though he tried to grab the napkin to wipe his forehead with, the pamphlet the minister was holding, the ministers remnants and so on and so forth. The only thing he didn't try to grab was the minister's beard. He didn't cry actually smiled and giggled through the baptism and then we were back to our seats. He took his morning nap during the church service. Afterwards at the party he was a-okay with being passed around to various family members - including husband's mother's family evil inc. Although he did start screaming in Grandma's lap again and didn't really enjoy meeting D's uncle the slime ball. Afterward he was whipped and took a late nap.

Monday came and we stayed for a few repairmen to come to my mom's. The loaded up the car. About an hour and a half into the car ride Squeaker had enough - screaming. We pulled over, not once, not twice, but three times each time changing, feeding and settling. When he started screaming for the fourth time we looked at one another and I decided to give it a shot hopping into the back and nursing him from the car seat - not ideal, not what I'd recommend, but when you're only 40 minutes from home you do what you have to do. D says he loves me even more because that whole screaming thing with Squeaker leads to puking and we'd already dealt with puking once during the scream fest. So it was either stop or nurse. Nurse occurred and he fell asleep. He was just so OVER being on the road.

I will post some more this weekend I promise - including pictures.