Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Do they count?

So... I forgot to mention a weird conversation at the RE's office...

When asked about my past pregnancies I responded with 11. The little medical assistant looked at me quizzically and wrote it down... when good old Dr. Sarcastic came in he looked at it and said "really? I thought it was 6" Which then made me want to punch him because then I thought - do we just not count the positive pregnancy tests, but really sh*tty betas? Kind of like a do over?

While I think of them as chemical pregnancies... or pregnancies that just decided to screw with me - you know the one... beta of 5 then suddenly 4 days later 25... they still gave us that moment of hope before I was able to accurately predict my quantitative beta hcg based on the color of the pregnancy test.

So... if I go in there again I'll probably have to print out my about me page and say - see here... these are the ones you didn't know about because we didn't want to take the chance you wouldn't let us cycle or waste our money on lab tests when my ability to guess my beta was within 2 points. Yes, we really were that determined to get knocked up and no amount of "resting" was going to slow us down. Oh and by the way Dr. Sarcastic... that number should probably be 12 as I totally forgot to count the pregnancy that happened in 2001 where I had the boyfriend who asked me when I told him I was pregnant "you're kidding right?" Oh yes and Thank you so very much for changing the coding diagnosis from "habitual ab*rter" to "recurrent pregnancy loss" I appreciate it.

*Wow... this could be a bit rough going on here...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Christmas Cards

Holiday cards, christmas cards, thanksgiving cards... either way it involves stamps, envelopes, a picture that is drool worthy that show cases off your family - whether it be you and your husband, you and your pets, or you and your child... either way it creates angst and some definite anxiety.

A few weeks ago we had some pictures taken... I stupidly decided to dye my hair to cover the gray and... well the pictures that resulted my hair looked brassy and red and just awful. Needless to say I was devastated by them. I spoke with the photographer and she agreed to retake the pictures. So hopefully I will see the retakes in about a week and be able to order my holiday cards.

I'm writing this blog post mostly as a shout out to shutterfly who has great holiday cards . My favorite is this unfortunately I can't replicate that as I don't have a little girl for my little boy to be kissing... though he did give one of D's coworkers a smooch for a long period of time that I could have probably taken that pic :)

I haven't made the wall calendars but I might this year for my mom and in laws who want to see their grandson's bright and shining face 12 months out of the year :)

If you were the type to have a party - which I am not then Christmas invitations are the thing to do.

Either way I do truly love Shutterfly and have used them for the past 3 years for both my cards and photo books. So I highly recommend them.

*Yes, I am being rewarded for this post... however I really do love shutterfly.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Roller Coaster

So... today was the big day...

The go back to the RE day...

It was interesting... I essentially went there for him to say - here's your PIO prescription... which he did give me, but I also got the... if this doesn't work in a few months then we should talk about an HSG...

By the end of the appt, when we got up to leave I said - it's nice having a simple appt... and he said that hopefully we keep it that way... and at that point I realized that this may not be easy... we may not have "fixed" the problem...

That problem is me... or more specifically that b**** of a uterus I have that prefers to have a lining like a crappy motel mattress... lets hope the rest of the bits know what they're doing or this could be a really crappy endeavor.

So the question remains... are we ready to start shooting up again and put our hearts on the lines? Getting back on that particular roller coaster is terrifying... yet the reward is huge.

I filled the prescription... as for when we'll start using it... we shall see.