Sunday, November 04, 2012

Write Up...

That's the words that were muttered to my mother when she picked up Squeaker at the bus stop by the bus driver.  Apparently my little heathen had hit the bus driver in the back of the head while the bus was driving and the day before he had spit on a girl.  He had progressively gotten worse on the bus with worse behavior.  He's 5... who wants their 5 year old kicked off the bus, but at the rate he's going that's probably what will happen before the end of the year.

We've instituted the 123 M*gic into our daily lives... my mother of course doesn't believe in it as she calls it it's bull*hit, but at least I have D on board with it.  S*anking was not working... (Good golly I have a lot of asterisks in my blog post)  I never bought into it and have tried until now to get D on board with other discipline efforts.  It's not perfect, but it has helped.

Squeaker is at school all day - he goes to the special education classroom in the morning and then to the kindergarten classroom in the afternoon.  We learned at his parent -teacher conferences that he was doing excellent, using his words to problem solve, asking for help with conflicts, etc.  Then we had to break the news to them of the bus problems... so now we have a book we're going to read to him about bus behaviors, etc.

I'm at a loss for words as to what to do to help him on the right path.  He has moments of greatness and moments of awfulness.  He's a strong willed child.  He's a smart mouth.  He's incredibly loveable at times...  He makes me crazy... he makes my mom crazy... Nana threatens to quit probably once every other week if not more frequently.  It's a good thing I'm on prilosec because otherwise I'd have an ulcer.

Thoughts are appreciated... I don't know if this behavior is only happening in the afternoon when he's tired, or if it's happening in the morning as well... In other news the poor kid is allergic to just about everything... dust mites, grass, weeds, mold, dog (mildly) and cat (which he loves) actually both animals he loves... so we're starting allergy drops in the hopes it will improve his symptoms. One can pray it does.  He was a trooper through the whole allergy testing thing and the multiple shots in his arms.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Many things...

I don't think I ever told the story of how Squeaker weaned... but yes he finally did. I'm not ashamed of how long of a nursing relationship we had, but I will always remember our last nursing session. It was the night before Peanut was born.  On July 26, 2011 was his last nursing session.  I nursed Squeaker for an awful long time and finding a way to wean was a hard thing for me to do. I tried many things, but this was a boy who just couldn't figure things out... until his sister was born. After we came home from the hospital - I didn't offer, but if he tried I was planning on not refusing. Fortunately he didn't ask and I didn't offer. So it was a lot less traumatic than I anticipated it would be. I have no idea if I'll nurse Peanut as long as I did Squeaker, but it will be whatever her and I decide it will be. I have no shame for how long we nursed, though I don't advertise it to be honest. If asked then I answer the question. Most of my coworkers know that I nursed him for so long, but only a few have asked about it. The one thing I regret is that I don't have a picture nursing him... even when he was younger. Peanut has a nursing picture.

A Day Late

Eight years ago yesterday I married my best friend.  We've had ups and downs.  We've battled through recurrent pregnancy loss and are now the proud parents of two beautiful children.  We are very lucky that through the stress of all those things we remained steadfast in our marriage and our love.  D is an amazing father and husband.  So... Happy Anniversary D!  Here's to many more years to come.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy birthday Squeaker!

In a few short hours my baby... my Not Negative, my Squeaker, will be 5 years old.  It's hard to believe that he has been on this earth for 5 years.  Crazy I tell you.  He's such a sweet, spirited, pain in the ass child.  I love him for it and in spite of it.  While his speech previously was delayed we now frequently hear "Is this appropriate for me to watch?"  He runs, he loves hard and furiously.  He's a pistol to put it mildly.  But he's my pistol.  His teacher understands him and knows he needs a firm but loving hand.  Which hopefully means he won't be spending time in the naughty room also known as the PSR (problem solving room) during the school year.  He's got definite opinions on everything.  It's quite comical.  He gave me a talking to when I attempted to put a toy in the goodwill pile that he had just gotten at a garage sale with Nana.  "Do you know how much that cost?  It cost Nana 25 dollars, it's brand new.  You can't give that to goodwill!  She'll be very upset!" (this went on for about 5 minutes)

He wants to be a canine cop.  How funny is that considering he's growing up in a houseful of dogs and his father is a police officer.  

Happy birthday my sweet boy... you made me a mommy and I am ever so thankful for you each and every day of my life.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A year and change...

It's hard to believe a year has come and gone... Peanut is now almost 13 months old.  She finally has teeth - so far 3 have come in the space of a week.  I indeed have a late teether, but she is efficient about it.  I'm sure a 4th one will be popping up on the bottom soon enough.  My mother was surprised that the first teeth to arrive were her 2 top ones.  Peanut being Peanut of course has to be different from all the other children.  

She is walking a few steps.  She is a petite 17 lbs 12 ounces and 28.75 inches long.  So short and skinny.  One of my coworkers has a 7 month old that weighs 18 lbs... so in comparison Peanut looks tiny.  

Breastfeeding is ongoing... she's a different type of nurser than Squeaker was, so I have no idea how long we will nurse.  I'm of the child led weaning strategy... with Squeaker that meant he nursed until the night before Peanut was born and then said that nursing was for Peanut.  He then became obsessed with my nursing her frequently.  As if he was the camp director telling you what activities you should do.  So in other words Squeaker nursed until he was almost 4 years old.  

Peanut is a much better solid food eater than Squeaker ever was - I do not have visions of feeding therapy with her.  She loves turkey, veggie straws, peas, and just about any protein that you could find she would love it.  

As for me... I am enjoying day shift.  Shockingly... it's different, but it was definitely a good time to go.  I gained weight going to days, but I hope that it'll come off sooner rather than later.  I also love being a mom to these two beautiful and crazy kids.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Corporal Punishment?

I think having Squeaker was just a lead up to what Peanut will put us through in a few years... she's a tough cookie. She never narks on her brother and that is a dangerous thing. Because if that's the case than I am in big trouble.

Squeaker - my sweet lovable child is at times a rotten handful. It's like a switch has flipped and he's this little monster with no manners and is mean. He won't stop doing whatever it is he's not supposed to be doing and no matter what the punishment it seems as if you have to escalate for him to deescalate. It drives his father and his Nana up a wall. In fact it caused Nana to leave early on Thursday because of his antics the night before. Even I recognized that he was out of control at the time, however I had to leave for work so I wasn't a solution to that particular problem.

My mom is 69 and her patience if she's feeling not well is nonexistent. I'll be working nights until June and then I'll be on days, but where the hell am I going to find a daycare situation for a little boy who can be sweet one minute and a hellion the next? Also one that has late hours and early hours for my 12 hour shift work....

He kicks, he hits, he gets frustrated - and I don't know if some of it is because he's just catching up on his language skills and hasn't figured everything out or what.

So... what's the solution? I have no idea. We've tried time outs - which seriously do not work. Squeaker has even been sent to the naughty room at school... that he didn't like. Why do I have no naughty room at home? With an educator to monitor his activities in the naughty room.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I know it's awful... I went off and had another baby and then decided to just clam up. In all honesty I keep coming up with great things to write, but writing with Peanut in my arms is a challenge. She likes to cuddle. She's doing well - though we (meaning her and I) have thrush which means we're both on medicine which sucks. I had pneumonia to ring in the new year with and that meant I ended up on antibiotics which in turn meant Peanut ended up with thrush. Ick ick ick. No fun for all parties involved. She is growing like a little weed.

Squeaker on the other hand is a ball of energy. He still is in love with her and says "Peanut loves me" all dramatically. He also wants to hold her all the time. One day I had her in the exersaucer and he was watching a movie... I was in the kitchen. When I came out of the kitchen no Peanut in the exersaucer... she was in his arms in the chair. When asked how this happened he said "I picked her up." and I told him that he isn't supposed to do that. His response - "She not crying" with a shrug of the shoulders. We then got into a debate about his little sister not narcing on him and that if Nana catches him his tail feathers will be on fire.

Christmas was great fun around here - in Squeaker's words "holy smokes" when he walked out Christmas morning... however with the holidays also comes the in laws... and with the in laws comes Squeaker acting like a royal pita. Nana finally got to see it in action. Part of it is because he doesn't see them that often, but it also is them... they don't say no. There is no discipline from them so Squeaker thinks he can run roughshod all over them and he does. It's like my sweet son becomes a caveman when they're here. D says it's because they encourage it and truthfully they do... I have yet to figure out how to tackle this problem with them. It's frustrating for everyone and it doesn't help Squeaker. They want to be "THE GRANDPARENTS!!!!!" not just Papa and Grandma. They went over the top for presents for him - yet Nana got him clothes and every time he opened a present from Nana he said "A sweatshirt! Thank you Nana!" I just don't think they get it... and I don't know how to help them to. :S

Life is good... I'll try to post more. I promise. Below are two pictures - one of Squeaker in all his suspender glory - which a friend gave him a tool kit which included real tools, suspenders, and a hard hat. D says her daughter will be getting a drum set marked for 7-12 year olds. Also Peanut is pictured saying hi guys!