Saturday, May 01, 2010

What IF?

What if infertility wasn't a part of my life...

I have a hard time thinking of it. I am so far away from that person I was before infertility. The one who thought s*x without birth control meant a baby. It's hard to think of that person and wonder how I would be different. I would be though.

I would have a 5 year old rather than an almost 3 year old.
I would not be g12p1a11 (That just looks WRONG on so many levels).
I would not had to have taken IM progesterone.

My husband and myself would not break into a cold sweat talking about trying for a sibling, yet knowing we both want it. You would think that almost 3 years since the birth of my son we'd be a little less PTSD from all we went through, but we're not.

Imagine if they could say for sure what caused all those miscarriages - were they ectopics resolving on their own or were they just low progesterone?

Imagine a world without infertility... or at the very least everyone with infertility was able to be diagnosed and treated and those treatments worked... wouldn't that be a beautiful thing.