Friday, December 10, 2010


Move along... nothing to see here.

Appropriate growth and a heartbeat of 117. It measured between 6 weeks 2 days and 6 weeks 4 days. Repeat u/s on 12/23 right before Dr. Sarcastic is out of town on vacation. We could have done it on 12/27... a part of me wants the reassurance before the holidays and the other wants it for when NN 2.0 is a few days older etc. I don't know what the right answer is... go at 8 weeks 1 day or at 8 weeks 5 days... I have a few days to make up my mind definitively. Go with Dr. Sarcastic or Dr. Sensitive...

My mom is upset that we haven't told D's parents... they've kind of pissed me off right now, so yeah I'm probably punishing them for it... I've apparently taken an angry pill in regards to all of this.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


So... this morning I received a phone call from the RE's office stating they were changing my u/s time. 1.5 hours earlier than the original appointment and that it would be with Dr. Sensitive rather than Sarcastic as Sarcastic will be in procedures. Here's the problem... D works tonight so he would not be home in time to go to this appt. I begged... I pleaded... the other alternative was to wait until Monday and have the u/s then. While I know I had the reassuring u/s last week I don't know that I could go that long since to be honest - I'm not positive I saw any flickr like he said he did. I'd rather know hey you can stop the progesterone or nope carry on... After much deliberation it was decided that we both would rather know one way or the other... so u/s tomorrow it is... alone. I may have D on speaker phone for moral support...

I also told D if I received bad news tomorrow I would never go to another u/s again without him. He agreed. He said - lets stay hopeful okay? Maybe the PTSD let up for a minute. I on the other hand am working on an ulcer.

So wish me luck... I'll keep you guys posted and positive vibes are appreciated. NBHHY

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

NBHHY or is it NCHHY?

I know it's been a long time since I've posted about something like this... as most of you know back to the RE we went at the beginning of November and in our usual fashion we jumped in with both feet. Why not right?

Then of course the panic set in... and then I did the obsessive compulsive how many dpo am I? When would I get a positive if it was going to be positive? Would I still have the ability to diagnose a dismal beta just based on the color of the stick?

Needless to say I've probably been a lot more anxious the last month than I normally am... About 2 weeks ago we had the first beta done and it was 76 at 12 dpo. The repeat was 210 so great doubling for me. We were slated for the first u/s on this Friday... however as always with me things never go quite as planned.

I was meandering in a field I had never known before... a pregnancy without any bleeding when wham... I slid off the road and landed with the front end into a tree. No air bags deployed, I was fine... the rental car not so much, but no one was injured. I of course as a good patient rather than the normal pain in the ass that I am notified the RE's office and was told - should be fine, no need to worry everything is well protected. 24 hours later I had my friend spot to keep me company. At this point I believe I was 5 weeks and a day. So the nurse said we should have you come in to at least reassure you that all is well. I had to work that night and while I was having some mild cramping I'm firmly of the belief with my body that it would either happen or not happen whether I worked or not. The next morning I drove the hour up to the doctor's office and met with Dr. Sensitive... Dr. Sarcastic was booked up. He came in and did the u/s. Miracles of miracles there was a gestational sac and a something or other... he swears there was a flickr and I think I saw what he was talking about... either way no evidence of bleeding so that was good.

So... now we're headed into those murky waters... our next u/s is Friday. Positive thoughts would be appreciated.

*I had to come out at work sort of last night, which is what prompted this. I didn't want to, but I know that you shouldn't do certain things if you are... and the person was being rather a pain in the ass when I asked her to do something for me she said "Why" and I said it's a personal reason, hoping she would drop it or take the hint... nope she goes no really why? I wanted to punch her. Then she got all freaky on me which is - oh are you okay, don't push that bed, etc. I thought to myself - you are psycho and I hate you for making me tell something I obviously wanted to keep just to myself rather than have every tom, dick or harry talking about me.

*The other reason I wanted to keep it quiet is that I wanted to tell another coworker first... she's actively trying and they have male factor infertility and I know how I felt about drive by pregnancy announcements. Unfortunately I haven't figured out when I'll see her next and it's driving me bonkers.

*So NBHHY - nothing bad has happened yet or should it be Nothing catastrophic has happened yet? You pick. Those are the vibes to send either way.

* Oh yes and while my mother knows... my in laws do not know as of yet... that's a whole nother post. I'll be back to post about that fiasco.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

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