Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the End of the Year As We Know It...

I know corny! Very very corny.

However as I am a bad blogger I had no choice... the song popped into my head.

This will be my yearly review, but it is so different from previous years. There are no miscarriages in it... That's a great thing, but also an unusual thing. This year is truly full of highs rather than lows and I am so thankful for that. We do still have a few low things, but not like years past.

January - breastfeeding actually becomes a reality rather than a theory

February- I broke my toe by dropping a turkey on it... not my finest hour

March- Fairly uneventful gearing up for SD's baptism.

April - SD gets baptized and sees D's famdamily...
SD Starts crawling and tries rice cereal for the first time...

May - Nephew competes in OM and goes on to World's competition... a pic of their lucky charm SD goes with them as does the T-shirt!

June - We survive another day before my birthday without anything bad happening. It's time to reclaim the day.

July - Another family trip... with 6 dogs and a baby. No we won't be doing this frequently as a trip with 6 dogs and a baby sucks.

August - My Mom is diagnosed with Fuch's dystrophy
My son turns 1... what a wonderful year it has been
I make it to a year breastfeeding - never would have thought that was

September - 4 years of marriage to the best man for me...

October - The end of the 6 dog era... my loving companion Chance is put to sleep... a hole is left in my heart, but he is in a better place...
A tooth finally erupts in SD's mouth - shocking!

November - 3 more teeth show up for a total of 4.
Ernie's tumors turn out to be cancerous, but they were all clear margins so
he's cured.

December - First hospitalization... it sucks. Breastfeeding still going strong.
Second Christmas - survive without incident... and dish network shows up
at our house... the end of the nonsatellite tv ends.

So the year 2008 has been great for the most part. I'm going to endeavor to be here in my blog more so than last year... but I won't make any guarantees. Know that I'm reading. Even when not posting or commenting.


DinosaurD said...

Hey Sami, not too shabby (well.. other than the whole dropping the turkey thing).
I'm glad it looks like Ernie will be alright.
Take care and perhaps I'll nudge you once in a while for some updates.

Thalia said...

You know, I still have your 2007 review post kept new because I was so overwhelmed by it I didn't know how to comment! This one is easier. A good year for you all, I'm so happy. May 2009 be even better.