Friday, October 01, 2010

Decision Time...

Wow... who knew deciding whether or not to take a 7a-7p position would be so difficult. I've had to do a pro/con list, talked with my husband, my mother, friends, etc. That should tell you how tortured I've been about this whole decision. Thursday morning I was offered the position with the schedule I wanted... and I think I'm going to pass it up.

One of the big reasons is I would not see my son as much as I do now. I would leave before he gets up and I would return home either right before he goes to bed or after he is in bed. If I work 2 days in a row that's 2+ days he doesn't see me. That's not fair to him. When I work nights he sees me before I go to work and during the day he takes a nap with his father and I. I think this was the deciding factor...

My mom and my husband both were not keen on this change either so yet another big naysayer. My coworkers were - which I feel honored about, but while they are my work family, they're not my family. I was ambivalent about it... unsure if I am really cut out to do a day job with all the people that are there, etc.

I have until Monday to make my final decision, but I think I have already. And... I just bought fertility monitor sticks, so hopefully I can get in to the RE by next month and we can start trying for number 2 if that's what we choose to do.

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