Friday, December 10, 2010


Move along... nothing to see here.

Appropriate growth and a heartbeat of 117. It measured between 6 weeks 2 days and 6 weeks 4 days. Repeat u/s on 12/23 right before Dr. Sarcastic is out of town on vacation. We could have done it on 12/27... a part of me wants the reassurance before the holidays and the other wants it for when NN 2.0 is a few days older etc. I don't know what the right answer is... go at 8 weeks 1 day or at 8 weeks 5 days... I have a few days to make up my mind definitively. Go with Dr. Sarcastic or Dr. Sensitive...

My mom is upset that we haven't told D's parents... they've kind of pissed me off right now, so yeah I'm probably punishing them for it... I've apparently taken an angry pill in regards to all of this.


Amy said...


Maribeth said...

Gosh darn-nit, do it when it feels right for you!
I'm cautiously excited, Sam! You are in my prayers.
Go for Dr. Sensitive and reduce your stress.

DinosaurD said...

i can't believe that I've missed this - I am so excited for you Sami.

Thalia said...

early scan, always always always!

Ollie said...

"Appropriate growth" is pretty awesome. WOOHOO!!

DinosaurD said...

I actually have a couple of minutes while the kids and husband are busy (on Christmas Eve of all times).
I am hoping that your ultrasound went well and that you have been too busy to post (or are you waiting until after Christmas?)
I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your son (and husband and dogs - give Ernie a scratch for me).