Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 years... really?

Holy moly people... it's been 6 years since I started this blog. 6 years... wow. Just wow. I want to also say thank you to all the wonderful friends I have made because of this blog... you are all special in my life and I think of you often even when I don't write :)

Let me also say nothing bad happened on June 15th this year and I did not spend it curled up in a fetal position with the covers over my head which as we all know for me is a miracle. It was spent at a motel with a water activity park thingie for Squeaker to play with and me to feel like a beached whale in a swimsuit - fortunately no pictures were taken of me - lots of pictures of Squeaker.

Today I celebrated my birthday with my husband and son and then went out to dinner while Nana watched Squeaker. Everything was great about dinner... except dessert which we brought home. I was sorely disappointed in the caliber of the dessert... seriously? This was a fancy restaurant and the dessert was just not right.

All in all things are good here. I'm 33 weeks and change and have another appt next week with the good old ob. So far no bleeding which is a very good thing. After having a frank conversation with the good doctor in regards to what's the likelihood of bleeding I learned... that it's a pretty high probability of having a bleeding episode. Needless to say I was a bit deflated by that, however I'm hopeful we can get to 36 or 37 weeks... (It's a goal people) and we all know that I enjoy just having small goals right?

In other news Squeaker has taken to a few choice colorful things to say... I have yet to figure out how to respond when he says "I'm tired of this s*it." in a completely appropriate tone and situation - dogs barking mercilessly (this is a total Nana and Daddy phrase)... I think I choked on something the first time I heard it and now just say "Squeaker that is not nice to say we don't say that." Needless to say I think we're going to have to institute a penalty jar or something for the potty language that goes around this house.

He also told me the other day in a completely forlorn voice "My p*nis no pee" when told he could watch Bob the Builder once he peed on the potty.

So speech therapy - it works for us! :)


Maribeth said...

I'm sitting here laughing hysterically! Gotta love that boy of yours!
Hugs, Sami!

Kristin said...

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