Friday, July 08, 2011

36 weeks 2 days

I now have been pregnant 4 days longer than I was with Squeaker... I made it through 6 nights of work (with one night off in there so it was 3 on, one off, 3 on) and am now happy to say that I can hopefully get a few things accomplished like packing that pesky bag for the hospital in case something happens. My placenta has officially been classified as low lying but still on the border so it's a wait and see kind of game as to what's going to go on with that. We've chosen after a lot of considerable thought, consideration and listening to what my physician has to say that a VBAC is probably not the best option for me at this time. I'm okay with that. D is as well so that is where we stand.

I am still trying to plug away at my list of things to accomplish before baby girl arrives... that would include packing a bag. The car seat is installed so that's at least taken care of and Squeaker's swing set that has been sitting in our garage since April when we bought it is now completely put up (only 57 steps, 3 people and 4 days). I'm going blueberry picking today and hope to freeze some of my bounty and take some blueberry trifle to a blessingway for another momma on a natural parenting board I'm on. I also hope to stop at work and work for an hour to get a few things done there so I can not worry about them kind of thing.

Tonight I couldn't sleep so this could be interesting to say the least. My goal of 37 weeks is just around the corner... Watch I make it to the scheduled c-section date :) It'd be a new thing for me.


Maribeth said...

It's all sounding good, good, good! I am so happy for you and will be pleased when baby girl is here and you both are safe and sound!

Plant Girl said...

Good luck getting stuff done!

Yo-yo Mama said...

Well I see via facebook you're even closer to that magic of 37 weeks! Yeah!!