Friday, October 28, 2011

Shutterfly - Christmas Cards, etc

So... I know I know I'll put up a really good post shortly, but for the moment I need to write about Shutterfly. Primarily because they're being very generous and giving me 50 free cards.

I've used shutterfly for about 6 years now and have made our <a href="">Christmas cards with them for quite a few as well. I generally come up with 3 or 4 designs and then have D help to choose which one to go with. Every year I have been pleased with the results. Shutterfly's customer service is great as well. A few years ago - must have been 2007 because it was a mug for Papa as a Christmas gift - it was delivered, but it was broken. I called and they immediately sent a replacement. I've also had problems with printing on a mug and they sent a new one without questions.

When Peanut was born I knew I would go ahead and do her">birth announcements by shutterfly and I did. I was again pleased with the results - there were a variety of options from expensive to not so expensive. I ended up going with the not so expensive, but I will admit to being tempted by the more expensive options.

Over the years I've also made a number of tp://">photo books including one with all the pictures from Peanut's first two weeks and the photo shoot from that. I've got probably 4 photo books that I've kept and I've tried to do a photo book for the grandparents at least once a year. They love it. I have found that Squeaker oddly enough loves photo books of his family. He sits and looks at the pictures probably once or twice a week if not more frequently.

The gist of all this is that I love shutterfly and use them regularly and store my pictures online there as well. This post was sponsored by shutterfly and I have 3 gifts to give to the first 3 commenters on this post :)


DinosaurD said...

Okay, I'm shameless as well but you can't gift me unless it's online as you know how I gaurd all my personal information so rigourously - yes, I'm actually a famous celebrity :-)

DinosaurD said...

um... that would be guard.. I hope this doesn't count as your second comment

carebear2175 said...

Can't wait for the update on how everyone is doing. Your links didn't work. Was hoping to see your cuties :)


Melissa said...

Would love some shutterfly cards! Thanks ;)
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Amy said...

I think you already got your three comments but if not, count me in :-)