Sunday, December 16, 2007

Frustrated and Pictures

I'm not all sunshine and light and right now I probably look and feel more like well a big fat shaggy dog.

Post partum weight it hasn't fallen off like I would like it to. So I'm of course inhaling cookies like an ad*ict. I'm frustrated by Christmas crap - in laws visiting soon... trying to make sure I've bought everyone their gifts and of course wrapped them. Breastfeeding Squeak as often as possible. Paying bills, cleaning the house on my days off and well just trying to stay afloat. I don't know if this is just the downhill slide or if I'm just finally saying hey everything isn't always rosey and bright. It probably doesn't help that I seen a coworker who had a baby about 4 weeks after I had Squeak and she is of course back to her pre baby weight and skinny as a rail. Her baby of course is roly poly and in like the 50th percentile for weight while Squeak is like in the 10th percentile.

I'm happy most of the time. Right now i'm just frustrated. Frustrated because D seems to think that he deserves a flashlight that costs $75 and I of course am the grinch who points out that he has a flashlight and also that we just bought a digital camera. I felt the camera was our Christmas present to each other... he feels he deserves a flashlight. I keep pointing out that we're saving money for a fence and well it goes downhill from there. We don't argue about it - it's more of a nag thing going on here. Have you ordered the flashlight? Me: We'll talk about that later. D: "There's free shipping if you order it before Christmas." Me: How about we put the money for a flashlight towards the fence and call it a happy new year? D: It's 75 bucks. Me: That's $75 closer than we were before.

Sounds like a pleasant time at our house huh? So I don't know what the hell is up - am I just being stubborn and a pita about not buying the damn flashlight or am I being the practical one? He's got a perfectly good flashlight. Yes the new flashlight would be brighter and more energy efficient, but seriously it's a freaking flashlight and how many does one person REALLY need? His coworkers told him that he was whipped because I vetoed a rifle, playstation and X Box 360... I offered to allow D to take over manning the finances and he declined. I figured if he manned the finances then he would see how hard I've tried to save up for the stupid fence especially since we spent 12 weeks with only 70% of my pay... and I managed to still save money and not have to hit our savings until week 12 and not have to hit it that hard. God I hate being practical!

In other news i just purchased a web kinz for my niece. D pointed out that it was kind of like the year P asked for a pink spotted elephant from Santa... that was the only thing she asked for and Aunt Sami came through that year and she's coming through again. A black bear web kinz is on it's way to my niece. Thankfully my nephew is much easier to shop for.

Fortunately Squeak is the one thing that generally does not frustrate or ask for anything other than to be fed and loved. He doesn't require a $75 flashlight either to entertain him. Yes - still a bit bitter about the damn flashlight.

In dog news Ernie is beyond frustrated... he is now unable to open the door to the basement as it has a child lock on it. He can no longer open the baby's room as it now has a knob rather than a lever door knob. He currently is sitting next to me pretending to be a good dog.

Below are pics from his professional photo shoot at 3 months. Isn't he beautiful :) Vent/Whine? whatever over...


Caro said...

He's gorgeous!

OHN said...

Squeak is absolutely adorable!

Does D want the flashlight for work or for hanging out in the yard hunting for worms? If it is something that would be used on a daily basis then maybe I would break down and get it for him...if it is for the occasional worm hunt any old cheapo light will do.

I am in charge of the finances here too and BigD doesnt quite get it that his check only covers the house payment and a few misc things. I took over when he was so bad about paying the bills that every month we were paying late fees that amounted to a chunk of change! UGH!

Poor Ernie...his house has been taken over by a baby :) I think he deserves an extra treat in his stocking this year.

DD said...

Considering you have a heard of dogs that I'm sure you would love to let outsidea time or two, the fence is a priority. Promise him next Christmas AFTER the fence is up.

He still has the wide-eyed look going on, doesn't he? (Squeak, that is)

DinosaurD said...

Squeak is beautiful and I can use the term until he's old enough to complain about it (as my son is).

It may just be motherhood Sami - I could have written the first two paragraphs of your post. I am also struggling with getting rid of the weight - I hate to admit it but I haven't lost ANY since my daughter was about 2 months old and now she's almost 6 months (sigh). I am also binging on cookies and it seems like such a downward spiral. I feel fat so I eat cookies - I can guess where this is going.

Anyway, I also am being inundated with inlaws but at least not until a couple of days after Christmas (and I don't get along with them very well). My MIL will be trying to wrestle the baby away from whoever is holding her and my FIL will bray at all of us (he's hard of hearing but will *NOT* get a hearing aid for some bizarre reason).

Ho-ho, humbug but there are good days as well. I am looking forward to Christmas and my son is excited about it (even though he's been home sick for the last few days).

And about the whole flashlight thing - hum... I have no suggestions but totally understand your need for the fence.

Oh lord DinoD, just shut up.

Oh and kisses and hugs to Ernie (good boy, good boy).


Michell said...

Such a cutie. sorry about the flashlight thing. Hope it all gets resolved. I would say the fence is a priority too.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

One plus... if the flashlight is for work, it can be deducted (if you itemize) on your taxes. We end up spending crazy money on Rod's work stuff sometimes, and that's my only (very small) savior. Tho Rod had a small flashlight (palm-sized) that cost about $80, lost it, then found one that would have worked as well at WalMart for $25!!! Insanity.
Oh - and of course, Squeak is precious - great pics!!!