Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Does A Frozen Turkey Have To Do With This?

What does a frozen turkey have to do with anything???

Well when that meets a cement floor and manages to land on your foot it generally is not a good thing.

Last night I decided that I was going to attempt some cleaning of our basement. First - me and cleaning are not a good combination. When I finished up my maybe 15 minutes of cleaning I decided I had better find the frozen chicken for dinner. We have 2 freezers. I started digging through the chest freezer and had to move some items including 2 turkey breasts in a bag. I picked up the turkey breasts and continued digging. The bag broke sending 1 turkey onto my left foot and the resounding thud and my resounding moan sent D running to the basement. He wasn't sure if I fell, something fell, or what but he came running. He calmly picked up the turkey and then helped me up the stairs. We looked at my toe and it was already black, blue and bloody. We cleaned it up a bit and I debated should I go the urgent care... could it be an open fracture? Would I need antibiotics?

After a bit of debate as Squeak had just fell asleep and the roads were shitty we decided it was best to go and get it checked out.

Five hours later - yes FIVE hours later I am missing a toenail and have 4 stitches and a beautifully bruised toe and yes it is an open fracture, so I made the right decision to go and get it checked out.

Oh yes and to top off this week on Sunday when my mom got home to her house the pipes had burst. So we've been dealing with the insurance issues and my mom's nerves as well in regards to the house, etc. She told D that she had to take a nerve pill yesterday because of the way the cleaners are cleaning her house. She'd rather have the tools and clean it herself. So my week has been fun - how about yours?

Oh yes and we haven't told her yet about the toe... I'll tell her tonight. So if you hear yelling it's my mom. Maybe I'll slip her a "nerve" pill?


Mandy said...

Oh that stinks about your toe! I'm glad that you went and had it looked at. Hopefully it heals quickly.

I once dropped a 3-4lb frozen roast on my foot. I know how it feels.


And I think I'd have the nerve pills out just in case. LOL.

DD said...

I think Myth Busters did something about dropping a frozen turkey on the family dog and determined that yes, the turkey could kill a small dog (it wasn't pretty, trust me).

I was thinking about sharing my own turkey story, but I'll tell you in my comment: it'll be long, but what the heck, right?

A truck driver was driving along one day and a turkey flew across his path. Unfortunately, he hit the turkey. Actually, the turkey hit the truck, right in the windshield.

It forced the windshield inside of the cab pinning the trucker to his seat and thankfully no one else was on the road as he had to slow down via brake b/c he couldn't reach the shifter. Finally he stops, frees himself and calls the state patrol.

Patrolman shows up to take stock of the damage. He climbs inside the cab to check it out and hears something in the driver's sleeping quarters. He opens the curtain and holy crap! there was the turkey - alive!

They chased the turkey out of the cab, who took off apparently no worse for wear.

I saw the truck b/c I use to work as in AP for a trucking company and it was towed there for the repairs.

Damn turkeys are as tough dead as they are alive.

DinosaurD said...

The nerve of that turkey. Glad you had it checked out (the toe that is). Thank goodness your mom has her nerve pills.
Take care, DinoD

Maribeth said...

OMG! That's awful! I sure hope it mends quickly and that you are back on your feet soon.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, that is terrible! I'm so sorry about the foot -- that must have really hurt... Turkeys are vindictive creatures.

I hope you are fully recovered soon.