Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Nanny Quit...

Or why my mother is upset with me...

Thursday of last week was not a great day for me... for a number of reasons. First I had just started coming down with mastitis and second was dealing with a rental car since my husband had been in a car accident earlier in the week. We came home from dealing with both issues and sat down after having had a nice dinner. My mom had been at our house and was watching Squeaker.

We sat down and she started complaining about how I cut Squeaker's hair. I had trimmed it a bit, no it wasn't fabulous, but darnit the kid screamed the entire time I was doing it. I didn't want to pay someone I didn't know to listen to him scream and had planned on getting it cut professionally by someone we both go to who I thought would do a good job in a week. Well D said "You've done nothing but bitch since she cut his hair - at least she finally cut it." She looked at the both of us and said "I'm done, I quit." I of course sat there in stunned silence, attempted to calm her down, but at that point she unloaded.

By unloaded - I mean she came up with things that had happened 3 years ago to complain about, when she's upset she says a lot of mean and nasty things. I generally able to let it slide off my back, but some of the things did bother me. She was upset about my still breastfeeding especially since we're still having feeding issues. (Yes, I'm still breastfeeding and will continue until he's 2) She complained about the dogs and how many we have... and on and on it went. I asked if she would at least watch him through the holiday weekend and she said no. I'm not proud and I did beg her to watch him as my thought was how the heck am I going to find a babysitter on a holiday weekend. She left in a blaze of glory or as if an atomic bomb had gone off and said she was never coming back.

I spent Thursday night crying and fretting. D started searching in the phonebook for daycares and we called a friend. I needless to say was able to find another babysitter - a very good friend of ours who introduced us luckily is off from work for the summer. She's going to watch him on a part time basis until July. Friday we went and visited an in home daycare and were able to feel comfortable about this woman watching our son at night 2 nights a week.

Let me just say all of this has been incredibly difficult. I hate arguing with my mother. It tends to make me physically ill. This time was no different than in the past... it made me sick to my stomach to listen to her angry words and do nothing. I do nothing because I'd rather preserve our relationship then have it be the type of relationship she and my sister have of only talking occasionally. I did defend myself, but mostly I just listened. One of her words did hit a nerve... the one where said I wouldn't have anymore children. Because I don't know if I will and hearing her say it with such sureness really hit me hard. It's one thing for me to be unsure it's another thing to have someone else say it.

The whole daycare thing has me worked up in nerves as well. My son has never been to daycare... I'm terrified of it. I know this lady is nice, but I'm fearful we'll be kicked out by him uttering a bad word or by him just not sleeping well... and what happens if D or I get hung up at work, etc... it all just overwhelms me to think about it.

My mom and I are slowly talking... it's not like it used to be, and I'm not sure it ever will be. I worry about her on a daily basis and I worry about how the relationship she has with my son can be salvaged and kept intact. Ultimately I'm a worrier... I'm just trying to adjust to this new normal.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry things aren't going well with your mom. I hope you are able to work it out.

As far as the daycare, it is scary whenever you do something new with your child. Just be open with the provider, she will be a lot more flexible if you keep the lines of communication open. I watch a little girl and I don't mind at all when the parents are running late when they give me warning. When they call at pick-up time, I get annoyed.

DD said...

I've been needing new daycare, too, but am freaked out by the fact that ZGirl will undoubtably cry for the first week all day every day b/c they are strangers to her.

I believe that your mom probably snapped the way she did because it's been locked up for so long and having no way of venting with her so close to you every day all day. Maybe she'll take on every other day or something. It'll be good for Squeak to get introduced to other kids now.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Oh, Sami, I'm so sorry all of this happened. Finding the line between defending yourself and speaking your mind (especially when the other person seems to not be regarding your feelings) is difficult. I hope things will get better for you and D and Squeaker. I, too, would freak if I had to suddenly rely on an unfamiliar resource for child care, and I'm sure shift work only compounds the difficulty.

I wish we lived closer, I'd take him in in a heart beat! (((hugs)))

Plant Girl said...

I'm sorry for all of it. I hope that you can repair your relationship with your Mom and Squeaker doesn't wonderfully in daycare.

Goodluck. Call whenever you need to vent. ((hugs))