Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembering A Father...

While celebrating another...

Father's Day is a day when I cherish the husband who is now a father... and remember the father who is no longer with us. My dad is someone I remember at odd times throughout the year. When my mom and I recently had difficulties I really wished he was here. He could calm her down and get her to see reason quicker than anyone I know.

I doubt I've told this story on here before, but when I was probably 1 or 2 my mom got extremely angry at Christmastime with something my brothers and sister had done and attempted to throw the Christmas tree and all the gifts out. My dad being a brave man chose to lock her in the bathroom. He didn't just lock her in there... he locked himself in with her. She was spitting mad - like a hissing wild cat, ranting and raving. His response to all of this was to hug her and just listen. He told her they weren't getting out of the bathroom until she calmed down. She eventually calmed down... and Christmas was saved.

That's just who he was... he was willing to stand the heat. He could handle it. Over the years growing up Dad was always there for me. He let me make mistakes, but he was always there to pick up the pieces. I wonder how he would have handled the multiple miscarriages that we suffered. I'm sure he would have found something just right to say to make me know just how much it bothered him and just how much he loved me and hated to see what we were going through. I wonder what he would have thought of having a grandson named after him. Or of having a grandson that at times is the spitting image of him. Although now that Squeaker isn't as much of a cueball he looks slightly less like him.

My parents would have been married for 33 years on the 19th... Today my mom is placing yellow roses on my Dad's grave. That's their flower...

Today I remember the man that raised me. He may not be here, but he is not forgotten. I also cherish the husband I have who is a fabulous father. My dad would be proud of my husband for being such a great father. I think my dad saw the potential when he gave his blessing for us to marry by announcing to the whole world that D was his son. Not his future son in law... but his son. That's just the guy my dad was.


DinosaurD said...

Hi Sami
I have been absent for a while with an overload of work and so I missed all the fireworks over at your house. I'm glad your mom's back but my experience with daycare has been fantastic compared to my experience with nannies (not that your mom is on a par with a nanny, I know that). But if you do end up having to use daycare it doesn't have to be a bad thing - but it is a bit of a trick to find the right one.
I hope Squeakers feeding improves. My daughter is doing better now and I think part of it is from daycare where they entertain them with songs and stores and such at lunch. I couldn't believe that toddlers would sit in their highchairs for forty-five minutes but they all do it happily and it just seems natural that they snack through the activities (they see each other doing it which helps).
My daughter also eats more when she is offered anything she sees my son eating - are there any nephews around that Squeak looks up to?
I don't know... I wish I had some answers for you. I know that textures were a huge issue for my son.
Hang in there. I'm sorry things are a little challenging but I'm also glad it forced you to blog again :-)
And of course you don't have to many dogs - where would you possibly start to reduce?
Do you have any suggestions for getting my wee one to sleep? She's down to 8 and a half hours total some nights. Last night was around 9 (interrupted) hours and she is currently crying upstairs as I had the nerve to put her down for a nap. Sigh.

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