Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not How I Thought It Would Be

DinoD asked... and now I shall answer...

Is Squeaker still nursing? Yes. Yes, I'm nursing a toddler. I never thought that would be the case. I hoped to nurse until he was 2, have the birthday party and say goodbye to nursing- you know a burn the nursing bra party. However he's still nursing and the birthday party was a few days ago. We've significantly decreased the frequency of nursing, but he's still totally into the b**b when it comes to bedtime and when it comes to naptime... or if he's particularly pissed off about something.

I'm also admitting that I'm a lazy parent and bedtime is so simple with the b**b that seriously we'd have to change our nighttime routine and I'd rather not go through the hassle. I will eventually start having D put him to sleep, but with wonky work schedules it's hard to figure out how to make it work.

D is not terribly thrilled about this turn of events. No matter how often I tell him that it will eventually end and it will eventually means before he turns 5 and hopefully before he turns 3. My mom teases about him still nursing as does my friends and coworkers. I'm not ashamed of it, but I know it's outside the "norm" and slaps a crunchier label on me than I really am.

I do have to admit to enjoying one benefit of extended nursing... my periods didn't show back up until June. I wasn't terribly thrilled to see that particular thing show back up, but such is life.

Suggestions are welcome... I'm kind of doing the child/parent led weaning. I'd rather just slowly wind down and have him have no interest in it... however I'll admit to being a bit worried that he is going to be nursing forever.


Caro said...

We wound down to just the bed time one and then that stopped relatively naturally a week or so ago when he fell asleep while we were out and didn't wake up to nurse when we put him to bed. We decided after 3 nights of this that we would just carry on without nursing.

I must admit that my other half has been a big influence on this as he was pressuring me a bit to stop nursing while I would happily have carried on for longer. However it is nice to be able to be out at bedtime occasionally now.

Amy said...

My SIL nursed my nephew until he was 2-1/2. You gotta do what works for you :-)

DinosaurD said...

I love the "crunchier label" phrase. I feel exactly the same way but it sounds like our (not so) wee ones are on the same page about nursing.
So should we have some type of contest to see which one of us stops first?
How is Ernie?

Bailey said...

Hi, I know this is totally random, but I found your blog from someone that I read and they linked to something, etc. :) Anyway, I was reading about you taking your son to feeding therapy and the Dr.'s are considering doing that for my son too. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it? I won't go into it on here, so if you wouldn't mind, would you email me? I would email you, but I didn't see an email address! Thanks!