Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Do they count?

So... I forgot to mention a weird conversation at the RE's office...

When asked about my past pregnancies I responded with 11. The little medical assistant looked at me quizzically and wrote it down... when good old Dr. Sarcastic came in he looked at it and said "really? I thought it was 6" Which then made me want to punch him because then I thought - do we just not count the positive pregnancy tests, but really sh*tty betas? Kind of like a do over?

While I think of them as chemical pregnancies... or pregnancies that just decided to screw with me - you know the one... beta of 5 then suddenly 4 days later 25... they still gave us that moment of hope before I was able to accurately predict my quantitative beta hcg based on the color of the pregnancy test.

So... if I go in there again I'll probably have to print out my about me page and say - see here... these are the ones you didn't know about because we didn't want to take the chance you wouldn't let us cycle or waste our money on lab tests when my ability to guess my beta was within 2 points. Yes, we really were that determined to get knocked up and no amount of "resting" was going to slow us down. Oh and by the way Dr. Sarcastic... that number should probably be 12 as I totally forgot to count the pregnancy that happened in 2001 where I had the boyfriend who asked me when I told him I was pregnant "you're kidding right?" Oh yes and Thank you so very much for changing the coding diagnosis from "habitual ab*rter" to "recurrent pregnancy loss" I appreciate it.

*Wow... this could be a bit rough going on here...


Yo-yo Mama said...

When it comes to your medical records and H&P, damn straight they count!! Good god!

Lisa said...

Just remember you have lots of people that love and support you guys that you can lean on any time you need it.

DinosaurD said...

I'm pretty much commentless lately but you know I'm keeping updated and I am hoping for the best but yeah... rough... I get that.

Jessica said...

I always hated how the chemical pregnancies didn't count. It seemed incredibly insensitive and wrong.

Roccie said...

I am here from Mel's house to help grant your 11/11 wish.

Oh, a sibling.

Please let this happen. Making the family just that much bigger changes EVERYTHING. I get it.

I am shocked by your number of losses. I am so very sorry. You have been at this a very long time. I send you all the strength I can. I gotta tell you, so many people could use it right now.

I think insensitive physician comments make me insane. I understand when you are that smart that something has to give, but really?

Learn to count you SOB.

Much encouragement coming your way from my kitchen table.

Sarah said...

the count. And your doctor is annoying.