Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange Conversations

Hi everyone! Sorry to be quiet for so long... no idea how long it's been.

Yesterday I had an actual OB appointment. I am currently 11 weeks so it was going to be the first real visit. This was after I had a phone consultation with a nurse - who literally told me nothing and should have been able to glean most of the information from the records the RE sent.

Anyway... So I was kind of surprised to be handed a consent form for H I V testing... since I hadn't had one handed to me with the last pregnancy. I knew how I felt about it, but there was no - lets talk about this, these are the reasons you have this testing done, these are the reasons you don't. It was handed to me at the front desk check in with a pamphlet which I thought was just odd. I thought that a nurse should have at the very least talked with me about it.

After the preliminaries we got down to business. My doctor came in and we talked for a little while, asked if I had a plan for delivery and I said yes - healthy baby, healthy momma. He laughed and then launched into the schpiel regarding risks and benefits of both various types of delivery. I told him at the end of the schpiel that I was not at a point yet to make a decision regarding birth choices yet and he nodded and said he understood, he just needed to talk with me about it. We ended the appointment after the whole deal with a listen to NN take 13's or Fetus 2.0's heart beat which was clipping along at 163.

I go back in a week and a half for the nuchal screen and blood work. D and Squeaker will be with me for that... as no one is there to watch Squeaker. If I had been even a little bit on the fence about doing the nuchal I no longer am as one of my friends just had awful results triggered by the results of the nuchal. I would rather know in advance. Not everyone chooses that, but I would rather know in advance if things were not going along as smoothly as one would have hoped.

In Squeaker news - he's had gastro for a week... I hate gastro!!!! I'm over it.


Andrea said...

Congrats to you! I read your blog, but don't comment and obviously missed your news. I'm very happy for you.

As for the HIV screen, its become routine, but in our state you have to give consent to be tested. My Internist and my RE both screen for it. Generally, its a public health mandate. But, as you say, it would be nice to have discussed it.

Sending you hugs as you go for your NT scan. I was a wreck before mine and can relate to the emotions.

Take care of you and congrats again!

Maribeth said...

I've been wanting to write, but didn't want to bug you, ya know? Glad things are going okay, so far. Fingers crossed!

Ollie said...

Really happy to hear everything is going along so nicely so far (NBHHY!) I'm assuming by now you've had the nuchal fold. I hope it all went well!