Friday, April 15, 2011

Stay Tuned

Well... I am 24 weeks plus days... and we had the big ultrasound. I do not know what I am having... I do know that all the heart parts were there, that the spine was closed and the baby had a brain, bladder, and diaphragm as well as 2 arms and 2 legs. All good things in my book. Tonight we'll find out with D's parents as well as my mom and Squeaker. It should be interesting. It'll probably be anticlimactic, but there it is.

I also learned I have a marginal placenta previa... apparently my doctor has never had the placenta grow over the cervix at this stage of the game, but we'll have another u/s in 2 appts and just for shits and giggles the baby measured 1 week behind by femur length, but right on for weight so who knows. We're confident of our dates so I think I just have a peanut. But when your doctor says... "this would be a perfect u/s report if it weren't for *bum bum bum*" it makes your teeth clench. D of course does not understand most of this and couldn't understand why me and Dr. Google were becoming friends again. I'm not too worried... just of the thought process this should be monitored. Fun times here ladies and gents.

In Squeaker news when asked what he wants a baby brother or a baby sister his response is... "A baby." He takes after my dad who lived with the philosophy of gender doesn't matter, health does. I agree.


Yo-yo Mama said...

"A baby." Very profound. That's what I'm hoping for as well.

Maribeth said...

Auntie Maribeth and the dackels are sitting here in New Hampshire smiling away!

Brandy said...

Totally agreed on that philosophy! A healthy baby is all I ever wanted, boy or girl. Good to hear things are going well and am definitely hoping you just have a peanut!

Amanda (Stitch To Stitch) said...

Yay! :)