Friday, March 18, 2011

Halfway there?

Where on earth has the time gone? I'm 20 weeks and a few days and to be honest I got nothing. Our big u/s is not for another 3.5 weeks (because I'm a pansy who doesn't want to see anyone else in the practice). Truthfully that whole big u/s - I could care less about gender... I want to know that this babe has all the parts it's supposed to have. You know... chambers of the heart, outflow tracts, 2 kidneys, 2 lungs, a closed spinal column... I know I'm so romantic aren't I? But in all seriousness that's the things I worry about, not whether it will be a boy or girl. I live with my dad's philosophy that gender doesn't matter... healthy does. I almost grabbed a peds cardiologist and begged for a fetal echo the other day... if I had just been a little faster I would have caught them and probably fallen on my sword asking for one.

Last week was the anniversary of my dad's death and while I usually put a post up about it, this year I didn't have anything new to say. I miss him. I always will. March 12th will never be an easy day for me. This year I worked and that was a different animal.

No easy way to transition away from that, but we have had just sheer craziness in this household. I can tell you that I think Ernie is Hooch reincarnated from Turner and Hooch... the darn dog ate my favorite pajama pants when he got perturbed. While I don't think Hooch would do that... Ernie did. Squeaker is no help when Ernie gets in trouble either - he wants to let him out of his kennel and tells us loudly that "Ernie out here!"

Oh have I not mentioned Squeaker is now quite the little talker. He's a regular Chatty Charlie. It's quite cute and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It still has it's frustrating moments, but he's doing great on the vocal front. Now to get him to potty train. Today he chose to pee out the patio door... to be honest I don't care if it means we get out of pull ups. Although I'd prefer the toilet. My mom on the other hand will be horrified if she catches him doing that... and I know it'll happen. She's terrified he's going to go out the patio door and walk in our fenced in back yard. Seriously - that's probably a safe spot for him to wander. I've learned that as she ages she becomes more paranoid about things that she didn't even bother with when I was growing up... which is probably why I had so many visits to the emergency room.

Anyway so that's what's up with me. Not a lot.


Maribeth said...

Not a lot? Wow, that is a lot! I've been waiting for you to write and let us know how you were feeling and how the baby was doing. Glad all is going well.

Yo-yo Mama said...

I love hearing about other toddlers talking up storms because then I don't wonder if my daughter is really an unholy chatty kathy or if that's just the way the are. So thank you for that!

You're half way? Well how boring this has been!! (yeah, boring!)

DinosaurD said...

Hey Sami - at this point (and for another 18 weeks or so), I just want to hear boring from you - no exciting news is exactly what I want. Okay?
I love Ernie but you already know that.
If your son becomes toilet trained can you send him up to convince my daughter (who is way, WAY too old to still be in diapers). Sigh.
Also, I think you're smart not to move up your next US. I don't know if you remember the scare we had with our daughter but waiting a couple of weeks made the US clear and the results were good - you obviously don't want to go through the whole "we think she's missing part XYZ but she might just be too small to see it".
Anyway, here's to another boring few months!