Saturday, April 14, 2012

Corporal Punishment?

I think having Squeaker was just a lead up to what Peanut will put us through in a few years... she's a tough cookie. She never narks on her brother and that is a dangerous thing. Because if that's the case than I am in big trouble.

Squeaker - my sweet lovable child is at times a rotten handful. It's like a switch has flipped and he's this little monster with no manners and is mean. He won't stop doing whatever it is he's not supposed to be doing and no matter what the punishment it seems as if you have to escalate for him to deescalate. It drives his father and his Nana up a wall. In fact it caused Nana to leave early on Thursday because of his antics the night before. Even I recognized that he was out of control at the time, however I had to leave for work so I wasn't a solution to that particular problem.

My mom is 69 and her patience if she's feeling not well is nonexistent. I'll be working nights until June and then I'll be on days, but where the hell am I going to find a daycare situation for a little boy who can be sweet one minute and a hellion the next? Also one that has late hours and early hours for my 12 hour shift work....

He kicks, he hits, he gets frustrated - and I don't know if some of it is because he's just catching up on his language skills and hasn't figured everything out or what.

So... what's the solution? I have no idea. We've tried time outs - which seriously do not work. Squeaker has even been sent to the naughty room at school... that he didn't like. Why do I have no naughty room at home? With an educator to monitor his activities in the naughty room.

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