Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I know it's awful... I went off and had another baby and then decided to just clam up. In all honesty I keep coming up with great things to write, but writing with Peanut in my arms is a challenge. She likes to cuddle. She's doing well - though we (meaning her and I) have thrush which means we're both on medicine which sucks. I had pneumonia to ring in the new year with and that meant I ended up on antibiotics which in turn meant Peanut ended up with thrush. Ick ick ick. No fun for all parties involved. She is growing like a little weed.

Squeaker on the other hand is a ball of energy. He still is in love with her and says "Peanut loves me" all dramatically. He also wants to hold her all the time. One day I had her in the exersaucer and he was watching a movie... I was in the kitchen. When I came out of the kitchen no Peanut in the exersaucer... she was in his arms in the chair. When asked how this happened he said "I picked her up." and I told him that he isn't supposed to do that. His response - "She not crying" with a shrug of the shoulders. We then got into a debate about his little sister not narcing on him and that if Nana catches him his tail feathers will be on fire.

Christmas was great fun around here - in Squeaker's words "holy smokes" when he walked out Christmas morning... however with the holidays also comes the in laws... and with the in laws comes Squeaker acting like a royal pita. Nana finally got to see it in action. Part of it is because he doesn't see them that often, but it also is them... they don't say no. There is no discipline from them so Squeaker thinks he can run roughshod all over them and he does. It's like my sweet son becomes a caveman when they're here. D says it's because they encourage it and truthfully they do... I have yet to figure out how to tackle this problem with them. It's frustrating for everyone and it doesn't help Squeaker. They want to be "THE GRANDPARENTS!!!!!" not just Papa and Grandma. They went over the top for presents for him - yet Nana got him clothes and every time he opened a present from Nana he said "A sweatshirt! Thank you Nana!" I just don't think they get it... and I don't know how to help them to. :S

Life is good... I'll try to post more. I promise. Below are two pictures - one of Squeaker in all his suspender glory - which a friend gave him a tool kit which included real tools, suspenders, and a hard hat. D says her daughter will be getting a drum set marked for 7-12 year olds. Also Peanut is pictured saying hi guys!


Plant Girl said...

Love the photos! And I had to laugh about the excersaucer. Sounds like something that would happen around this house!

Hope the thrush clears up quickly for you both.

Brandy said...

So glad to hear from you and to see the awesome pics!

Caro said...

Lovely pics.