Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Unexpected news...

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Anyone here?  

I know... it's been a long time.  I even forgot how to login to my account.  

Anyways... long time no chat, or blog or whatever.  The kids are great.  I'm a hot mess, but the kids are great.  Squeaker is 7.5 and Peanut is 3.5 and both kids are doing well.  Nana is still around though she's getting goofier and when I say goofier I mean her short term memory is iffy at times.  She's also hostile at times which makes what I'm going to tell you even more of a issue. 

So life at the 3 dog house was going well... then end of February to the beginning of March D started having issues at work.  When I say issues I mean that he has a hostile coworker who has managed to get herself named in 3 lawsuits including hostile work environment.  She apparently targeted him as her direct supervisor and well it was game on.  D was upset, I was trying to be supportive and well... lets just say all of my coworkers agreed the only way to make a man forget his problems is to well put it bluntly... put out.  So... that's what occurred.  

Flash forward 2 weeks and well... you get my drift.  In spite of our attempts to prevent a pregnancy we never took more permanent measures.  I have found myself not negative again.  Cue the anxiety.  And by anxiety - I mean a full blown panic attack.  Fortunately I have friends... Who could talk me off that particular ledge.  

The panicked phone call to the RE's office found me learning that my medical records were in storage and that they felt that my OB would be able to handle things in regards to PIO, betas, and early u/s.  The phone call to the OB office meant that I had to retell my story to the nurse because of course my doctor was not on call that day, but the NP was and well let me just say getting progesterone and labs out of that person was a goat rodeo.  It took 5 phone calls.  I was in tears.  For some reason it was an issue and rather than calling and talking to me about it I was having everything relayed to me through a phone nurse.  Which led to me sending an email asking if there were going to be issues with my care, that if there were and they were uncomfortable that I could still seek the RE's office.  I pointed out that my records indicate what was used in my previous successful pregnancies and that if it was an issue I'd like to know now.  

So now here we are a little bit later... the betas were good.  I have a rough estimate when I ovulated, however of course the OB's office goes by lmp and that's a fiasco.  We had the early u/s yesterday which showed a gestational sac, yolk sac, but too early for a heartbeat.  If they had listened to me the u/s would have been pushed a few days, if not a week.  However now I have another u/s on the 9th.  So we shall see.  In the meantime if we're facebook friends - don't post anything on my wall.  This is top secret.  Well at least as top secret as you can be when you're taking phone calls at work and dodging your mother so she doesn't know why you're going to the doctor or to an "Appt".  So we shall see... 


Plant Girl said...

I hope that I was one of those friends who helped pull you off that ledge. Love ya, my friend, and always here for you.

Maribeth said...

I'm here Sweetie. And I always will be. If you need me send me a text. I'll talk you off the ledge anytime!

Gil said...

Omigosh! What an amazing story. I'm still here periodically and when I saw your post in my stream, I thought, "Wow! What's up?" and came right over to see how you are doing. Crazy indeed. But fingers crossed that all goes well and do keep us posted. Sending you and yours all the best for an uneventful pregnancy! (And really wishing that something like this could happen to me!)