Saturday, April 11, 2015

Whoops - Sorry to leave you hanging...

So we had the ultrasound and it showed appropriate growth and a heartbeat.  So I can breathe a bit easier.  Unfortunately I had to meet with a doc that I had never met before and who really didn't know me as my doc was on vacation - THE NERVE.  He proceeds to say while recurrent miscarriage is common after seeing the heartbeat the risk goes down.  I tried to nod at what he was saying, but I really wanted to say get out.  He was patronizing and condescending and since he said maybe he'd see me at my delivery I wanted to say "I hope not."  But refrained.  

On checking out I found that when I needed to schedule my nuchal scan that I also needed to meet with a geneticist and a maternal fetal medicine specialist due to advanced maternal age.  ACK.  Apparently I'm old and my eggs have expired.  This should prove interesting.  I staved off my panic at least for the moment.  So April 16 I get to hear a lecture from a nurse... really, I'll try to keep the eye rolling to a minimum.  Then May 13 I meet with my doctor and May 18 I meet with the MFM and geneticist and have my scan.  Fun times... in the meantime I'm shooting up progesterone and trying to stay mellow.  

We haven't decided when to tell the in laws and my mom.  Maybe in November?  My mom is just such a volatile combination and my in laws are currently visiting.  I'd rather keep the drama to a minimum.