Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cloth vs Disposables

Dino D you have not suddenly gone senile - those are indeed disposables. We're still using cloth about 50-75% of the time. However when out and about we use disposables and also on travels we use disposables. Life is just a bit chaotic for me to use cloth when we go on road trips and fortunately our road trips are so infrequent that we just don't need to learn to travel with cloth.

I'm more of a bumgenius girl than a prefold girl... though I am slowly getting better at the prefolds. We generally use the bumgenius most days and my mom is definitely more into the bumgenius than the prefolds. I'm thinking of buying some fitteds to switch things up. So yes we're still doing cloth - just not in that particular picture :D


DinosaurD said...

Good to know I haven't totally lost it (although maybe I'm close).

We tried fitted diapers with my son and never could get the hang of them - they were always leaking. Our babies also have very long backs and it's hard to find clothes that are long enough to accomodate the extra bulk of cloth diapers so we use.... ulp.... disposables (bad DinoD, bad, bad).

Have you tried letting Squeak play with rice puffs or something that he can put in his mouth and easily disolves? Our daughter wouldn't eat anything and kept grabbing the spoon and tossing it aside (yes, she's like that). We finally had success giving her really hard teething biscuits that she could hold herself and suck and now she feeds herself cheerios and puffs while we are busy feeding her vegetables and fruit at the same time. It's messy but at least she is occupied enough so that she'll allow us to feed her. I don't know where that one gets her attitude from.

Glad things are going so well and your Squeak sounds like what my son was like as a baby (not so much my daughter who isn't a crier but does like to yell na-na-na when we put her on the change table and just generally has WAY too much attitude for someone not quite 10 months old).


Amanda said...

Hey, I found your blog tonight and wow, I think I have a lot in common with you! My hubby is a sheriff's deputy. We have a miniature dapple dachshund. My daughter is 10 weeks old, and she was 3 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs 14 oz. We call her Squeaky as one of her nicknames. We had aaaaallllll the breastfeeding problems you had and then some and are still working on that. Anyways, I just started a blog. I've been more of a myspace girl up to this point. I look forward to reading more from you!