Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come on baby - Do the

Fill in the blank- Locomotion.

We now have locomotion... movement... forward propulsion. We also have sideway and backwards and while it's not pretty or speedy we do have movement. He can get from point A to point B. Also if you watch closely you see nothing... it's when you look away - bam he's in another spot. Little stinker is shy about his accomplishments. It's great fun to see him grow and change right before our eyes.

We still have no teeth, though we have a ton of drool to go with absolutely nothing.

We do have a fence now... so I will not have anything to complain about for quite a while. A fence - how the hell did we survive without a fence? It has enriched our lives in ways that are too numerous to name.

Work is still crazy. D's work is still crazy. Life is just going by so quickly and taking the time to stop and smell the roses is something I force myself to do frequently... granted the roses I'm smelling is Squeak, and sometimes he definitely doesn't smell like roses. But he's mine and that's the part that I thank my lucky stars every day for...

Life before him was definitely boring and missing something. I knew there was a reason why we kept trying. Knowing the reason while it doesn't make all our losses go away... it makes them easier to bear.


DinosaurD said...

Our daughter is capable of far too much movement to give us much time to relax - we haven't finished babyproofing the house and how do you tell your 7 year old son that he can't play with lego on the floor???
Anyway, I hope you are further along with babyproofing than we are.
Your son is simply adorable and how do they manage that type of spinal arch?
Take care Sami and yes, they are the reason we persevered, I think when all is said and done, we're pretty lucky, no?

DinosaurD said...

Hang on here. I just went back to look at the picture and if I'm not mistaken, aren't those disposables? Weren't you doing cloth?
Maybe my age is creeping up on me and I have you confused with someone else (or just plain confused).

Rachel said...

What a cutie!

DD said...

Like Dino, I also noticed the back arch (not the diapers though). Those little amazing bendy bodies...

I'm in love with his little wrist chub.

OHN said...

Could you just eat him?? What a cutie! The expression on his face sort of looks like he is telling you to back off, it is HIS toy :)