Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Squeaker and a Peanut

Wow has time flown by or what? It seems like yesterday was the day Peanut came into our world, however it has been 16 weeks.

Squeaker is still in love with her, but he is finally getting a bit gentler with her. She's going to grow up to be a tough girl I'm sure with all the LOVE her brother gives her. She's a fairly happy baby which makes things easier for everyone. She eats better than her brother ever did. Which means - breastfeeding once we got in the swing of things was monumentally easier with her than it was with her brother. However - she threw us into a panic right before I went to work with her sudden dislike of a bottle... I ended up buying $60 worth of bottles and finally we were able to find one that she would take... My mom was in a panic and kept repeating over and over - I never knew a baby who wouldn't take a bottle. After we got that issue resolved my mom spoke with her P.A. about it and he told her his daughter was the same way - which was nice to have it validated by someone else because good lord knows I know nothing :)

In other news - Nana has become obsessed with Peanut's pooping or lack there of... I on the other hand don't worry about it. D has told my mom that she worries if Peanut's not pooping and worries if she is, so would she just leave his little girl alone about her pooping habits - she's fine. He also told her that if she spent as much time worrying about herself as she does about everyone else she'd be in great condition. Although my mom is a closet hypochondriac so she worries about everyone and herself.

Things here have finally gotten easier... by easier I mean, I am finally human... after Peanut was born and while D was home for 3 weeks things were rough... D and Squeaker were at each other's throats and I was finding myself biting my tongue from yelling at them as well as my mother. This was not normal for me... at about the 6 week mark I knew it wasn't normal for me. So I called my OB and their response was to see a counselor. I did... and then at my 7 week follow up appt I spoke with my OB about it and he said "Did we start you on something?" I told him no, the nurse told me you wanted me to see a counselor... he apologized profusely and said that he was not the one spoken to about it, and here is your prescription... but to continue seeing the counselor. So I did all the free appts that my employee health thing gave me and then she cut me loose because she felt I was doing well and I am. So, I'm no longer seeing the counselor, but you would love how the last appt went... D went with me and thought he was going to be sitting in the playroom with Peanut... nope - he ended up in the appt with me. It was a little weird... the counselor was way too close to D's personal space... D's a cop - he doesn't like people invading his space. She gave us her thoughts that we're a fairly balanced couple and that we seem to communicate really well. It was nice to have someone acknowledge that :) D's parents don't know anything about my PPD or that we/I went to a counselor... I'm not sure D's parents would want to know about that last appt because it focused mainly on them and our relationship with them... and how that makes D feel and how I feel that his family undervalues him. They truly do not realize all they are missing out on with him and with us. Which is sad...

All in all life is good... Nana is good, Squeaker is good, Peanut is good, D is good and so am I... what more could a girl ask for? A clean house - that would be nice, but I'll have to settle for a lived in look.

The above picture was taken Oct 29th... now that I have the images I really need to get on actually making a picture card up for my Christmas cards... fun fun fun!


DinosaurD said...

They're gorgeous - can you believe that you have 2 (TWO!!)

Ness said...

I still marvel at the reality that you have your son and daughter. I remember the 8 years that I tried for a 2nd, got him and 18 months later had his sister. Your children are beautiful and I totally understand the family fighting episodes. My 75 year old husband and 25 year old daughter act like 2 years olds quite often and it drives me crazy! TG for my Prozac and Wellbutrin. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Caro said...

Wow 2! Beautiful children, I have been out of the loop.