Sunday, August 21, 2005

Be vigilant... RANT!

Okay how do you put this bluntly... I hate pedophiles... I truly hate them. I hate that they have invaded my family... I'm not using the politically correct term of sex offenders... No I'm using the non politically correct term of pedophile.

My niece was a victim of sexual abuse by a trusted family friend... A friend's adopted daughter was abused by her adopted father... and now... A step cousin was abused by my husband's cousin the child's step father... and I want them all to be abolished.

This will be something that will affect these little girls for the rest of their lives and for that I am truly sorry for them. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that commit these crimes... and now I have to find a way to get my husband's family to understand why WE (meaning hubby and I) do not want anything to do with this individual... doesn't help we're both mandatory reporters and I'll take pictures of the SOB and have his parole officer on speed dial... doesn't help that hubby is going to have to document a whole lot in regards to this guy... doesn't help that both of us are horrified that we did not see any signs this was coming...

Evil can be in your backyard... be vigilant, protect your kids... teach them early good touch vs bad touch and let their voices be heard.

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