Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Annual Review and a PICU too?

So flight nursing is a bust this go around... however I am going to trudge on and either get a PICU position or take on extra duties in my own unit...

My annual review was today and my manager found out about my applying for the PICU position... she was sad that I had applied and wanted to know why... lets see - you don't listen to me when I tell you there's a problem? Could that possibly be top on the list? Nah she wouldn't understand that one... so now what does she say... if I don't take the picu position she'll put me in a more leadership position such as precepting or charge... hmm too little too late me thinks... but who am I to say that right? Lets see it apparently doesn't matter that all the people that need precepting are almost through orientation huh? So it's really a moot issue... doesn't matter that most of the nurses eat their own young... doesn't matter that we have a black flipping rain cloud hanging over our unit? No those things don't matter apparently... I sincerely hope I don't do those things to my coworkers that the nurses do to others...

I doubt I'm perfect (okay quit laughing...) I know I'm not perfect, but I can't do that bad of a job can I? thoughts?

Oh as for babymaking... waiting to O... just waiting to O... fun fun fun in the land of sex on the beaches... (the drink people! The drink!)

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