Monday, June 04, 2007

11 years and a day...

June 3rd, 1996 - a very special pup was born. I didn't meet him until August while visiting my sister and that day changed my life. Chancellor Sebastien became my dog.

He almost had me disowned from my family as when my mother heard the news she wouldn't speak to me. She was very vocal in her yelling about it once I got home. She even gave my sister an earful. I was 18 and I would be going off to college and to a new apartment and I brought home a puppy. I did of course check to make sure I could have a puppy in the apartment complex, but still. I did think about it before I bought him. I thought for all of 2 seconds. He was adorable. He was being run aground by a terrier. He had a blue eye and a brown eye. He looked at me with love.

Chance won my mom over by grabbing a newspaper and running around with it over his head - he then ran into a table and yelped. My mom dropped the phone she was yellling at my sister on and ran and picked him up - making sure he was okay. Chance spent about 4 weeks with my parents - being house broken and loved. My mom was devestated when they brought Chance to me. However Chance had been missing me from the get go. He would lay in my clothes or steal something of mine that smelled of me and keep it in his kennel.

Over the years Chance has been there for everything. He was there for the bad dating years... for the schmuck years, for the online dating year, and for the day I met D. Of all the men that walked through my door - D was the only one Chance did not try and do something to. By something I mean - eat a wallet, shoe, pee on them, jump in their laps and give them kisses whenever they attempted to kiss me... etc. Chance liked D. Now... Chance loves D - not as much as he loves me, but still he loves D.

Chance was also known as "freak dog" for a number of years - now he's just a mouth rather than a freak. However he is efficient at opening water bottles, finding food and figuring out ways to sit on the kitchen counter. The dog is resourceful.

Chance is a doxie and doxies have back problems. Chance has been blessed to not show the signs he did in previous years - when the whether changed whether it be good or bad he would limp and the sensation would get a bit off in his hind quarters. He has been blessed to survive an awful attack by Meg. I thought for sure that he was a goner once we saw the extent of the wounds and now - he's lost a pound and a half and it's like he's got a new lease on life. He's spry - he's fast, he runs... all things he never would have done 6 months ago.

Chance is many things - a mouthy, obstinate, loveable, caring dog - who has been with me through thick, thin and everything in between. I am blessed to have found this dog. D and I both love him and hope that we have at the very least a few more good years with Chance.

Happy Birthday Chance - we celebrated yesterday as you got yourself some ice cream, but now the whole world knows it's your day... may we have many more.


Maribeth said...

Yahoo! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday freak dog! ;)

That pic is too cute. I'm guessing that's Z, right?

OHN said...

We have always acknowledged our pups birthdays too...glad to know we aren't the only ones :)

I LOVE the photo of him with the baby!! I have never worried about our animals with our kids.,..they all just kinda blend together in a pile of kisses.