Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And I'm Tired...

This work stretch was long... mentally more than physically. Although I was feeling the effects by the beginning of night 6. Yes, you read that correctly - night 6. Remember I'm a bit nuts and like to work 6 in a row. Some work stretches are harder than others. This one was harder than most. Which is probably what prompted my paranoid rant. I think it is sufficient to say - this weekend really truly sucked. I think that sums it up and the rest can be left up to your imagination.

I think most people know that I'm fairly optimistic about most things in life. Apparently pregnancy is not something I tend to be optimistic about. I know that most are here reading and going - okay did she ever get the fetal echo done. The answer is yes, I stopped in this morning to speak with the pediatric cardiologist. I was not even sure if he'd be in. He was... and we did the echo. The Not Negative's heart looks just fine. He likes to do them at 20 weeks as that's when he feels he gets the best pictures, but we were able to see what we needed to see. D and I both are relieved to know that the structures they were not able to see are all there - present and accounted for. I also asked about the risk of heart defects based on my situation. He said it did not really raise my risk substantially. That was probably comforting. However he did not make fun of my paranoia and he certainly did not act as if I was nuts. So... we can breathe a sigh of relief and still have that u/s in 4-6 weeks and take another peek at the NN.

We also this weekend that is coming up will be going to my mom's. Yes - with the 6 dogs. D needs to do a few things to help my mom out and my mom finally had a break down about Sadie. She lost her cell phone yesterday and during the phone call she said "I've lost my dog, I've lost my cell phone, I feel as if I'm losing my mind." Followed of course by tears and such. She has said she's going back on prozac - which I feel is a good thing as the last few weeks her coping skills have gone from being fabulous to non existent. Generally she goes off for a few months and is on for a few months - no clue why she just doesn't stay on all the time - stubborness. So we're going to try and cheer my mom up. Have a talk with Fred & Molly - the cats about their behavior and just drive 3 hours to do those things.

Now - I'm whipped. Tomorrow I'll be going to a meeting then to a conference called the power of compassion it's regarding infant and child loss - including miscarriage and stillbirth. The speaker is affiliated with MISS organization. I'm looking forward to it.

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Amy said...

I'm glad you posted about the fetal echo, and that it turned out good!! WHOO HOOO!!! :-)