Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just another day at the vet...

Remember how I said things were going swimmingly with Blue & Pepper's nip/tuck procedure?

No - good cause... apparently I was mistaken.

While Blue has been fine and his wound looks as if it is healing nicely - his wanker no longer appears to be bruised and he's just going on with life as normal. Pepper was fine as well up until... Tuesday. D apparently found a lump near her incision, but of course did not say anything to me because - well hell I don't know why.

Yesterday D said - "Hey, did you get a chance to look at Pepper's wound?" When I responded no - he suggested I take a look. So I did and he looked as well and said - "Hmm that's a bigger lump than was there yesterday." So it was 5:30 pm and I called the vet who told me - "You'll need to bring her in to see if we need to drain it - 10:45 alright?"

So this morning off we went to the vet. You know our second home with the uncomfortable chairs? Yeah that place. We took Blue along because - well he doesn't like to be without Pepper so off we go. Ernie of course came along as well because - well Ernie's a big giant wimp who doesn't like to be in his kennel so we avoid it if we can.

So it was D, me, and the 3 weims... on the road again. It gave us a glimpse of what it's going to be like with all 6 next week. It was not a pretty glimpse. Imagine this...

All dogs belted in their seat belts... behaving like good dogs?? Well that wasn't our car so move over to the next car... All dogs belted into their seat belts and Ernie setting on Pepper. Blue trying to find anything he can chew on -paper, plastic, whatever he can get his greedy little mouth on. Pepper twisting in her seat belt. Yep that's a better image and that's how it truly went.

We arrived at the vet's and went in with Pepper and Blue because - again - they go together like salt & pepper. Eventually the vet tech comes out and says - I'll just take Pepper back. Pepper apparently had a flashback and decided that going back meant she was staying and hell not that wasn't happening. She put on her brakes and had to be half carried back there. Blue meanwhile tried to follow. He then stood and stared at where she left and whined. Pitifully. No amount of reassurance from us made him believe for 2 seconds that she was coming back.

Then - she was back. She apparently developed a seroma or hematoma at the site and it was drained. If it becomes that big again - we'll have to drain it again, but usually these things apparently do well after the first draining. The vet tech asked us to try and keep her quiet for the next few weeks and D and I both looked at each other and laughed. There isn't enough tranquilizers in the state to keep Pepper quiet for that long. She's a busy girl. We'll do our best. Rough housing will be out for at least a little while and hopefully this thing will heal on its own without us having to take her back in again.

Blue was happy to be reunited with his sister. He and Pepper stared at the vet tech as if to say - see - we're a team. They both were sitting at the time which was the comical part.

So that was my morning - how was yours?

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OHN said...

I am exhausted just reading about your morning. I can't even imagine controlling all of them at once...they must be well behaved!!