Wednesday, August 01, 2007


One of the things we haven't done since moving into this house almost 2.5 years ago was rearrange our master bedroom. With the addition of a cradle into our master bedroom well - we needed to do this. Figuring out how to house 4 dog kennels in the master bedroom as well as a cradle and a king size mattress - well you get the idea. Not simple.

Today was spent rearranging the bedroom. We also had to take Chance to see the vet to have him cut his toenails. Yes - I pay someone to cut Chance the geriatric crotchety - "I WILL NOT LET YOU CUT MY TOENAILS RARRRR!" dogs toenails. He used to be okay with us cutting his toenails, after the Meg incident - not so much. We were able to do it in June and in July - Chance tried to bite the clippers, the person doing it etc. I'll let the vet do it for $7.50 every 3 weeks. We're frugal people, so this is something that we a) don't feel is wasteful and b) really are sad that we can't do it ourselves. However he was able to get his nails clipped without sedation this time and for that we're thankful. He also milked the vet and the vet techs for all they were worth in dog treats. I swear it was a puppy hold up - he got 3 treats out of the vet alone. Chance is very food motivated. So he has another appointment in 3 weeks.

Anyways - back to rearranging. D is a planner - I am not. I would have gladly just tried different variations and seen what I liked, D had to plan it out. So we had a diagram to go on. Ultimately we moved the bed, moved a book case, added a cradle, traded night stands, and moved a kennel and voila we have a whole new room. D is thrilled. I am thrilled and it's clean. We have filters on the vents as we've had a dust problem and we'll be looking into purchasing a hepa filter for our bedroom and S's room once we get around to it.

So - we accomplished a lot. I also accomplished washing the clothes, and putting the cradle together. It not has a doxie blanket on it from gymboree that a friend gave me at the shower. Lola keeps staring at the cradle - lets hope she doesn't figure out a way to make that her new bed!


Maribeth said...

I've never rearranged the bedroom,and probably never will. It's a fairly small room.
BTW I loved that tiny weenie set you sent the link for. Adorable!

OHN said...

I drive my family nuts with my rearranging! My husband now walks in and just says "oh, you moved things again"..sometimes when he is being a butthead, I do it just to tick him

I hear ya about the toenails..our old SWEET Tucker would grrrr every time we first we had no idea what the sound was because he had never made it before..too our new pup gets a treat after each nail so he loves having it done :)

Deborah said...

To Ohn.. A treat after each nail? Wow are you an awesome pet parent. My Poodle is so good that I forget to give him a treat at all sometimes.

and to Sami, Congrats and the last bit made me giggle, About Lola and a new bed. I am nervous to set up the cradle this soon (we have till Dec for the Grandson to arrive) because there is no doubt that the cats will use it as a bed. NO DOUBT AT ALL! Lol.

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Thinking of you, hoping you're a little quiet because of life's general business and that everything's still going okay with NN. As your EDD approaches, I get more anxious when you're so quiet.