Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bottoms down?

For those of you playing the at home version this post will have more crap about pregnancy and less about life in general - though there is a bit of life coming at the beginning of this post.

Waking up to the sound of heavy machinery is never a good thing. Especially when your neurotic weim (aka Ernie) thinks it's "cute" to stare at you half the night waking you up at 530 in the morning so he can get a drink of water. Yes - he stared at me for 30 minutes before I gave in and got up. My goal for today was to sleep since last night's sleep was seriously sucky and I need to get back on the night shift schedule. However my neighbors or the new neighbors work crew had different ideas about this. Heavy machinery moved in around 9 a.m (30 minutes after D left for work) which sent all dogs into chaos. I hope I like the new neighbors - if it's the nice old couple that we talked to then I'm excited if it's another group like the ones next door well then not so much.

Oh yes and my diaper bag was finally delivered it's by Loom and I love the thing it's great. Now to stock the thing... probably will get on that next stretch off.

Onto pregnancy stuff...
Seriously does SD not know that I'm more a bottoms up kind of girl? Apparently he did not receive the memo. At yesterday's appointment it was confirmed that he is breech. I called it didn't I? Fortunately my doctor didn't poo poo my questions and answered them with appropriate responses. He didn't even give me the "smile". It was a good appointment other than hearing what I feared that SD was heads up rather than bottom up.

So the plan... if he hasn't turned by the next appointment which is at 35 weeks and change we'll schedule an u/s for the next appointment. Where it will either be confirmed he's heads up or bottoms up and then at the appointment after that or at 38 weeks we'll do a version. Yes - I signed on to the version bandwagon. I've tried the old wives tales and home remedies and truthfully he doesn't really give a fig about any of that stuff. A light has been shined at my lower abdomen and he just kicks it. Some would say stubborn like his mother... I would say stubborn like his father personally. Directionally challenged like his father as well, but shhh don't let my in laws here that. My fil's suggestion of riding the cork screw at a populat amusement park was met with laughter though I would consider it if they allowed pregnant women on the things. Since standing on my head really hasn't worked I doubt that that would either.

You know me always willing to try something once!


DD said...

Shining a light on your abdomen is supposed to make SD turn?? "Go into the light, go into the light!" Man, that's funny.

I've got nothing to say about versions, except good luck.

And since you have absolutely nothing else to put in your pretty little head, you might want to thing about "SaDa" as SD's nickname. Everytime I see SD, I think South Dakota.

Michell said...

I've heard that acupuncture can sometimes work. Don't know for sure if that is true but I have heard that. Good luck, I hope he gets himself turned around.

Maribeth said...

This kid is enjoying making you squirm! I've got my fingers crossed!!!
Heads down!

Mandy said...

Had to laugh about the comment referencing that SD has D's sense of direction. I said that exact same thing about Katie when she was breech. Cris is good in wide open spaces, but can't find his way for shit in close quarters (the city). LOL.

I'll send lots of "spinning" vibes your way. And although slightly biased, I'm glad to hear you're open to the ECV.

Amy said...

I'll be anxious to hear how the version goes IF you end up needing it (heck, it's never too late for a breech baby to turn on his own from what I've heard/read). I couldn't bring myself to do it. Although, someone commented to me about the Webster thing, and I'm starting to perk my ears about that now....

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

LMAO picturing you, at 30+ weeks, doing headstands!!!

There's still time, keeping our fingers crossed that he flops around in there.

Rachel said...

You stood on your head in your 3rd trimester? You must be wonder woman!

I hope SD cooperates and turns around for you soon.

Alice said...

I just began reading your blog. And I have to give you a belated congratulations on your healthy pregnancy.