Thursday, August 09, 2007

Standing water

Quiet - yes, it's been quiet here at the 6 dog house... mainly due to a work stretch.

Everything is fine, just life in general tends to get sucked from you when you do a 6 night stretch. Apparently 6 is my lucky or unlucky number. I've made some arrangements in my schedule for work as this pregnancy progresses, namely so that I can function a bit better. Just breaking up the 6 day stretch seems awful to me. I love having that 8 days off and that's probably why it's taken up until September for me to agree to back off a bit and break my stretches on up. I hate the idea, but with another coworker going on maternity leave shortly the numbers for working in the ICU are awful so I've switched a day here or there to accomodate that.

In other news - standing water... yes that is what I've had to deal with in our washing machine. We tried a few quick fixes and ultimately it lead to me making a service call. Our front load washer and dryer are wonderful - LOVE them love them love them. However no clue how to fix this issue as we could not figure out where a "drain pump filter" was located because the manual had no information other than "clean drain pump filter once every 3 months". It's never been cleaned. It was the most likely culprit.

Somehow D was able to pull a rabbit out of his a*s and thanks the the wonderful world of internet and forums a person who had actually located this filter - the problem was amazingly resolved. In the filter he found 2 pens, change, enough dog hair to last a small lifetime and god knows what else. We no longer have standing water and for that I am thankful. I had arranged on Tuesday for a service call to occur on Thursday between 8-5 and fortunately we were able to cancel that call. It would have been free, but that's not the point. I also called and complained to the company that manufactures the washer and dryer that it would behoove them to indicate "how" to clean that filter. We'll see if an updated manual comes out of this for the drain pump filter issue.

Ultimately I am happy to say we now can wash clothes. We now will regularly clean the drain pump filter. Ultimately I'm just happy to not have standing water.

The next few days I plan on doing some shopping, hoping that the NN has turned his little body head down. (Yes, I know we have a few weeks before this becomes an issue, but early turn is a nice thing right?) Trying to remember to do my hypno lessons so that we can have that hypno birth we would like etc etc.

The NN room is stocked full of clothes... some cloth diapers are present, but more need to be ordered. The breast pump has been purchased and is in the closet and the cradle is finally up in the bedroom so that the dogs could get used to it.

Ernie our resident doofus has healed so his paw is not as big of an issue. Also note to self and others when giving your dog a tranquilizer it's a good idea to ask the vet how quickly it takes affect. In this instance the second time I gave it to him I gave it to him 30-45 minutes before I needed to leave. Wrong move on my part. I had a drunken dog to walk down to the basement and his kennel which resulted in us walking down from the house, into the garage, into the basement and then into his kennel. It was quite comical if poor Ernie hadn't looked like a drunken sailor.

So that is life as we know it... I hope your week has been more fun than mine.


Jessica said...

May I ask what kind of front loader you have? We have one, and I've never cleaned a filter yet...we've had them for about 4 years *gulp*....

DinosaurD said...

I keep wondering how your dogs will react to the new member of the family (not so much you and D and I'm not sure why that is). Ernie is neurotic enough already, yes? (when he's not doing his drunken sailor impressions)
I'm getting very excited for you and you know that it takes a lot to get me to that stage when it comes to pregnancies.
I would also like to know the make of your washer if you are willing to devulge such incredibly personal information. Our front loader has been great (bought 6 years ago) but we need a larger one so we are shopping around (in our copious spare time).

Mandy said...

LMAO about the filter containing "enough dog hair to last a small lifetime". Sounds like my house. You should see our furnace filter when we change it. Yuck! Glad though that you got the washer fixed without having to have the serviceman come out. I hate to say it, but I doubt they'll ever put that tidbit in the manual. It's a nice way for someone to make money on an "easy" fix.

My offer still stands if you want those FB's. They're smalls and I have white(2), yellow and sage green. Also have 10 inserts for them. As well, you are welcome to any of my BSWW covers if you're interested. Just let me know and I'll pass anything you want along.

Mandy said...

I also have a few AIO's that you can "try" if you want too. I have 3-4, can't remember. Two newborn and two smalls, I think. If you're interested I'll go digging for them.

You'll get a kick out of this too -- Dakota went to jump up on me earlier and his back feet came out from underneath him. He came crashing down on the laminate floor here in the kitchen b/c he couldn't get traction. Somehow he managed to land right on that stupid toe. Grrrr...Damned dogs...

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

LMAO about pens in the washer - is that your fault or D's??? I occasionally find odd items (like a handcuff key) floating around in the dryer when I wash Rod's uniforms! Glad it was an easy fix - yay for D for being so resourceful!

Happy to know everything with NN is also good. Thanks for taking the time to update us. :)