Monday, August 13, 2007

What the Hell was I Thinking?

Introducing D to the joy of blog readers? I apparently am insane and did not learn my lesson when I let him discover forums...

Forum wise he reads forums on single serve coffee (you know K-cups and pod coffee makers), fire arms, cops, more fire arms, more cop stuff... etc etc. Now he's reading via a blog reader because I thought hey that will be quicker than him surfing to the various sites and hogging my computer - cop blogs... I'm so overjoyed. NOT.

In my defense I thought it was a good idea to introduce him to the joy of a blog reader because of the speed factor... what I hadn't calculated was my husband's desire to read more and more and more. We're both addicts like that... we love information which is probably why I have about 50 blogs I read and why D now has 7.

In other news - I believe SD formerly known as NN is still heads up. I'm going to talk with my doc about versions because my biggest fear is we'll get to 37 weeks and he'll say no to it. I'd rather know now that he's up for the challenge or see another one of his partners - there's 10 of them one of them would be willing right? It's not that I have anything against c-sections I just would rather not have one unless I absolutely need one kind of thing. I've also put a lot of time, effort and money into the whole hypnobirthing thing and would like to give that a shot. The only perk I see about a c-section is the ability to plan and b) the 8 weeks off that are paid rather than the 6 weeks for a regular ole delivery. Otherwise I'm not getting the perks out of it. Surgeries and myself tend to get ugly and well I'd rather not have that occur on the day we greet SD. It just isn't my idea of a fun time kind of thing.

In other news the diaper bag was delivered TO OUR NEIGHBOR rather than to us... now I have to track down my neighbor and ask for my diaper bag which I REALLY want to just sneak into her house and find the damn thing since their kid was one the one who accepted the package... I learned this this morning.

Doctor's appt this afternoon - fun fun fun. It's just me - no D for this one as he's at work whining that the light is too bright. Gosh does he hate days or what!


Kath said...

Dear Sami, I hope your appointment goes well, and that your doctor is willing to try a version. I certainly understand your being thrilled about the prospect of a C-section.

As for blog readers -- yep, they're the devil. I thought mine would save me time too. Ha!

Beagle said...

Turn baby, turn, turn, turn!

I hope you can avoid the C-secton. Good Luck!

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Here's hoping SD turns around on his own, as I recall from Mandy's experience the version is no fun at all!

Amy said...

Geeze Sami, we should get our breech babies together one day when they're on the outside :-). My little dude is still heads up too. But I'm too scared to try the version (it was offered to me), so I've scheduled the C-section. I hope your little guy turns! I'll be anxious to see if you go for the version or if maybe SD will just turn on his own ;-).