Monday, October 17, 2005


My best friend got her results... Thursday's were 30, Monday's were 41... can we all say FUCK!!!!!

I can't come up with something positive to say to my best friend. I'm just praying... praying that the statistics are wrong and that things will be okay. I love her and she's my best friend and she's like my sister and damnit she doesn't deserve to have to ride this freaking roller coaster again.

It's not that I don't think she can handle the roller coaster- she has, but it's time to get off this particular ride and end up on the nice ferris wheel rather than the rocky roller coaster. She deserves a happy ending... hell we all deserve a happy ending.

In my dreams this is how things go...
My bf and I are sitting down talking... gabbing away about things... our husbands are watching the puppy dogs (she has 2 and I have 3)... we're chatting about her moving back to Michigan... and how it's so great that somehow we managed to get pregnant together... with due dates that are like a week apart... and healthy pregnancies... and we're both happy... almost hysterically so. That dream will happen one day... hopefully soon.

Right now I'm going back to praying... I hope the lab just screwed up the results... I pray that they were a fluke...

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