Monday, October 24, 2005

Crying at the drop of a hat? WTF?

Lets see I can't really come up with great additions to my subject lines... If I haven't emotionally raped you with my tale of my father than I don't know what will... By the way I'm sorry for not putting a warning on that post... as reading it brings me to tears... okay so actually a lot of things bring me to tears. I'm not unhappy, it's just apparently that faucet hasn't quite gotten shut off completely. I was reading about the musical "Infertility" Yes... yes there's a musical called "infertility" stop laughing... and the author wrote a note and I just started tearing up... My husband has caught me crying while reading magazines like epregnancy - yes I know I'm not pregnant YET... key word YET... I can save them for later...

So what's up with this new sentimental Sam? I have no clue... and anyone that says "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Will be shot... as I haven't even ovulated yet and this has been going on for months... meaning more than 2... Maybe in my old age (twentysomething) I've finally found out that it's okay to cry... generally crying is reserved for times when I am v v angry... or I'm reading something that makes me sad... I never never cry at work (which I was reading something and I started crying - just quietly a few tears and I'm done kind of deal) no clue... Seriously I have no idea... apparently this whole ttc thing has melted that heart of mine. Not that certain things haven't caused me to cry - Father & Daughter by Paul Simon will always make me cry but in a good way... I always feel warm when I hear that song or sing it in my head... and the book God Gave Us You made me cry... maybe I've just become a sap... not sure...

Oh yes and on the news front I bought the tcoyf software I think it's called ovusoft... and I LOVE IT!!! I also bought the virtual pc for mac and will be installing it... can we all say thank you ebay... and somehow I managed to win an EKG rapid interpretation book for 6 bucks... which it's normally like 30+ so yeah... shopping nothing but goodness for the soul.

Oh yes and stay tuned for... on the 29th of October I will be joining in on a runway show of engagements... I will try to include pictures... and links to the other women that are participating...


Mrs. D. said...

Sorry you are feeling so teary.. ttc can do it to you... sending you a big blogworld chocolate bar and a stiff drink!

Ok Fashion show business... Sending this to you here because there is no email listed!

Hi to all the Fabulous BlogWorld Models!

This is you official reminder about the 2nd Annual Infertile Bloggirl Engagement Ring Fashion Show!!!

Make sure to post the picture of your beautiful ring and your story about you sweet husband on THIS Saturday, Oct. 29 (or post it Friday night to stay ahead of the game).

I will post the list and links to all who are participating on my blog Friday evening. (feel free to snag iit and post it on yours too).

I am so excited that you are are participating!!! Remember if you can’t get a good picture just use one that is close to your ring from a jewelry store site… it is not so much about the picture but about honoring your marriage and commitment with your hubby!

Email me if you have any questions!!!



nurmaler said...

can i get a serail # for the ovusoft program. i would like to check it out , but cannot afford the $$$