Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bloody Hell...

Because what would life be like without a dog trying to bloody the whole basement. Ernie decided to spaz in his kennel and ended up cutting his foot pad. I came home to find a bloody mess.

I love Ernie, but this freaking out in his kennel gets old. I have some tranquilizers from when the pups were fixed and maybe next time I have to go somewhere he'll get one of those. It's just not worth it to come home and find him a) miserable and b) bleeding. D goes - what are we going to do? I know it will get better once my mom is over here, but maybe we just need to clean fabulously and hope for the best by leaving him home alone out of his kennel for short periods of time.

In other news - NN is doing fine. It's breech right now, but no biggie on that front. No clue as to weight estimate. I did of course have a freaky dream last night/this morning which prompted me to be a bit panic stricken. Basically in the dream - my water broke and there was a foot. It gets better of course - wherever we were the hospital was being built or what not and there was only 1 doctor and no operating room or at least not a sterile clean one. Needless to say I woke up at that point. Talk about a weird dream. The pups woke me up and I was totally fine with that and glad I didn't jump back into that dream when I went back to sleep.

I am off to the other side of the state just until Sunday - I wish all of you could be there as I'm sure you would be way more fun than some of the family members that will.


Alisa said...

From one nurse to another - it's even worse to know as much as we do. I had a c-section for a breech presentation with my daughter. My nightmares included not only a foot, but a prolapsed cord! Go us!

Amy said...

Okay, when is your baby shower again?!? I'm DYING to find out if NN is a little prince or a little princess!!