Friday, July 13, 2007

Contrary to Popular Belief...

I do not have all the answers. I do not even act as if I have all the answers.

Granted - some people do think of me as a know it all, but seriously I am the first to admit when I do not know something. I'm also the first to ask for help if I need it. Yesterday found me fielding phone calls. Way too many phone calls.

I do not remember if I had mentioned a note my mother found about a month ago that she then sent me on a wild goose chase for. If I did I apologize in advance for the refresher. If I did not - here's the scoop. The note was from an insurance agent. Apparently my parents decided when I was born to buy a prepaid life insurance policy in my name. Considering all the early health issues I had (weird white counts due to drinking contaminated water at my preschool, strep infections from an early age leading to my tonsils and adenoids being removed at 5, multiple stitches - yes I was a clutz) this probably was a good idea. The policy number is missing on this note and of course the note does not have a date, just a monetary amount that at that time was still with the life insurance policy. I have contacted who I thought was the life insurance company and of course - they have no record of my parents or myself. I contacted the gentleman who had sent the letter - he's now retired, but remembers my parents - only clients he had in Sand Point and my dad as a "stocky and short guy that was really nice." Nicely sums up dad actually. I even contacted the man who had taken over for the gentleman as he is now retired and truthfully sounds about 70+ years of age or at least his wife did. My mom has been on my tookus about this. She also states that she never cashed in the policy and that I must have thrown it out when I cleaned out a bunch of things from her files when dad died.

While I did clean out a lot of things from my mom's stuff most of it was junk. I do not remember a life insurance policy for myself or I would have asked about it. I found my parents original divorce papers - and I think I threw them out as truthfully I do not want my brothers or sister to read the transcripts from their first marriage divorces. I read it and it made me ill. Neither of my parents first spouses were all that great. My dad's divorce papers had a write up by the social worker recommending my father to have sole custody and also how the final arrangements were made - my dad gave his first wife - cash, a car, a handgun, and stock options in order to have full custody of my brother - now granted some of this stuff my brother knows, but to see it in writing well that's just not something I would want to see if it was me. My mom's is not much better and documents some domestic violence issues. Ultimately my parents were much better off with each other than they ever were with their first spouses. So tossing those out when the divorces occurred in the early 70's seemed like the right thing to do. I think I also tossed out old cancelled checks from 1970, tax returns from the 1960's and well a few other things. My mom is a paperwork pack rat. So it's possible things are still there that I have to go through again and maybe I'll find the life insurance policy number. Boy would that make this wild goose chase easier. Apparently they will now have to go through the archives. This policy was taken out somewhere between 1978 and the early 80's. So none of it is on computer. Fun fun fun huh? Now granted if it means I end up with some money in the end - bonus. If not then I've put in all this effort for nothing.

The second phone call was from the gentleman that sold the policy - he wanted my birthdate as he was wracking his brain to remember more details.

The third phone call was to figure out how much barbecue pork is needed for the shower... we're having the woman who did our wedding reception make this as it was wonderful at the time. She's doing it as a favor for us. We greatly appreciate it.

The fourth phone call was to tell me that the transcript was done and how much it would cost. It of course did not leave an address where I was to send it to, so I had to call back to get those details - this morning will find me buying a money order and accomplishing what I need to do to get the transcript. Such a pita!

The fifth phone call was my mother trying to figure out who would pick up the barbecue and who would do this, that and the other thing in regards to the shower.

Yesterday all I was trying to do was shop for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes in general, but I REALLY hate shopping for clothes right now. Nothing fits right and that about sums it up. I farted around too long so I can no longer order the dress I was going to order because it is not available in my size any longer if I would have ordered it before I fell asleep this wouldn't be an issue as it was still available then. Now it's poof available in xs. Yeah uhmm not my size. Thanks for making me feel huge.

I came up with two alternatives... one is a denim wrap dress that I bought a while ago. It fits, it would work. The other is a dress by old navy that is not "ma*ernity" but it fits, is not awful, still not my ideal- I think it looks like a mumu this is it in dark chocolate though truthfully I think it's black with white flowers. D says it looks fine, but truthfully he tells me I look beautiful in a baggy t-shirt and boxer shorts so not a reliable critic. No it does not fall mid thigh, but more mid knee as I am a short gal. So that's a source of irritation. We shall see what I determine over the next few days. A large part of me after thinking about money etc says take the dress back and wear the denim wrap dress. It's not like I'll wear this dress other places. Granted it was cheap, but I can spend money on other things instead...

So your thoughts as always are appreciated. Fashion clueless in Michigan.


DD said...

Since it doesn't sound like you even like the Old Navy dress, you should wear the wrap. Go out and find yourself some fun accessories, whether it's a colorful pair of flats or some coral colored jewelry. Maybe even both. That way you can enjoy them later.

Mandy said...

I think the ON dress is cute, but it seems to be more my style than yours. You should probably go with the denim wrap. Sounds like you're more comfortable in it. I'm hoping that maybe we get to actually see some shower pics!

And mention of talking to me on the phone yesterday? ;) I know, you called me, not the other way around.