Monday, July 02, 2007

Friends- I've missed you...

In real life I have a limited amount of friends. By friends I mean people I whole heartedly trust with the truth and who I do not sugar coat a thing. It's not that I'm not friendly - okay maybe I'm not. I tend to look at people as if they've grown 2 heads when I see them act in a manner that well I just can't do. So there are few friends that are coworkers and truthfully my true friends are always there for me so branching out and becoming "more popular" really isn't something I think of doing. I'm a take me as I am kind of woman and it's pretty much take it or leave it. I will admit to being way too open about some things and way too closed off about others - it's my own personal quirk.

However - when I started blogging and started branching out I found a community of mostly women who I felt if I had met them in real life I would have been able to be friends with them. The first is DD who is recently back from vacation. I've missed her wit and sarcasm and just her. The second is Dino D who just welcomed her daughter into the world - shh she doesn't like attention and likes to stay low on the radar, however her bite really isn't that bad :) Both of these women are amazing. I am fairly certain that I would be able to enjoy myself with them if we were to meet in real life and I am fairly certain I would NOT look at them as if they've grown 2 heads.

Ultimately I'm glad they're both back and blogging. I've missed them. Boy do I sound like a sap.

Now on with the real thoughts- regarding battle axe - aka grandma. D has not called her. D does not plan to. D almost bought her a totally inappropriate card to send to her as a way to say "f off". I reigned him in. Primarily because I know as well as you that I would be the one to take the blame for that one - you know me and my liberal ways. I've tried to get D to call his mom and was met with resistance. Normally D and his mom are close. However his mom has a very bad tendency to stick her head in the sand and right now D is over the whole blindness that apparently afflicts his family. However at times he's also afflicted with it. He's kind of going with the whole - lets ignore it and maybe it'll go away thought process that and talking to my mother and trying to pin her feelings down is like trying to wrestle with an alligator, but a lot less bloody. I am of the lets throw the bomb in and see what casualties we can have repaired before too long - this could of course just be me being cranky. In other news - the transcript will be here before the shower. I am awaiting a price which I then have to send in and then they will type it up and send it to me. I will then hand it to D and he will then handle the matter with his family. My mom is well aware of this situatioin and asked what D hopes to accomplish from this. D wants his dad in particular to understand why he feels the way he does. I don't know if the transcript will help or not, but I know I'm going to give it my best shot so my husband will quit feeling as if he has to justify his feelings in the matter. Family stuff sucks.

Thank goodness my family is currently behaving themselves, though truthfully this whole b*by shower stuff is hard for me to deal with. Apparently I am supposed to have an opinion. I don't, but what the heck. My mom is here for at least a few more days - so Ernie is acting like an idiot. The puppies adore her and Lola and Chance are battling it out to see who gets to sleep with her. Meg just comes and lays on her lap. My mom is universally adored. D and mom had fun shopping yesterday - though D kept losing her. Only to come find me and ask - have you seen your mom?

D keeps talking about when my mom will live with us. He's looking forward to it. Trying to talk her out of making a rash decision in regards to a house and just enjoying having her here visiting. It is so different from when his parents are here. We've actually accomplished some things like - emptied out the closet in the NN room and actually having a clean floor and semi clean kitchen. It's amazing what my mom's motivation will do to D. It's like having a cleaning husband which is great. He vacuumed, he dusted. He DUSTED... again nice.

Not much else going on here... work has called twice this weekend - Friday and Saturday in the hopes I would come in. Nope... didn't. I have a stupid class I must take before the NN arrives that work has scheduled for 9 days before the NN arrival is estimated to arrive. If I don't take the class and I expire then I'll have to pay for it. So I'm looking into other ways of taking it - namely my paying for it. Such a pain. We shall see.


Maribeth said...

We're in the cleaning mode here too, getting ready for the 4th. Boy I still have so much to do. Shop today, cook tomorrow and then do it all on the 4th.

DD said...

Sami, my dear. Who's to say I really don't have two heads and a clever use of photoshop?

I missed you, too. Who knows the friends we will meet along the way?

Beagle said...

Family can be such a headache, and that makes friends matter all the more!