Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is this a Sign?

Have I mentioned what my schedule was like the last night and a half? I had to work Wednesday night... and while work is something that is vital and necessary for me to pay the bills, it's also been a source of frustration. Things have gotten better in the last couple months... and by better I mean - I don't HATE going to work... which was what was occurring there for a while. Right now things are on an upswing which is a good thing... and I'm not hating my job... also a good thing. However my usual schedule has been screwed around with so I had to work Wednesday night... while Wednesday morning found my date with the dildo cam - seeing Larry, Moe and Curly - (yes, I know that all 3 will most likely not release - but they're still my 3 stooges so that's their names for now). Thursday morning was my HSG which we had to drive an hour to get to.

I had arranged to have someone come in early to watch my patients so that I could leave and get to the appt with time to spare. At about 3 a.m. I got a migraine... took some tylenol, and allergy meds and hoped for the best. Hubs was supposed to meet me at 0630... he left the house at that time... So my coverage showed up - no hubby... of course then things went to hell in a hand basket... one of my patients (who had been quiet all night -the perfect patient) suddenly had pain and shortness of breath... so I got wrapped into a call with a doctor and drawing labs, giving meds, etc. I left work at 0710 - took the xanax and vicodin - no relief from the migraine at 810 so I took another 1/2 of a vicodin. I thought for sure we would not make it on time and that they'd say yeah uhmmm sorry you'll have to come back another time. Hubs drove calmly and speedily - no state troopers out to shark us and we arrived at 0815. My appt was at 0830. Someone was on our side because generally things are quite backed up on the roads we traveled.

We got back to the radiology room - I had 2 gowns and a pair of pants and everyone was very very nice. We met with a OB/Gyn resident who was doing a rotation with our RE and one of the RE's nurses. I was willing to have the resident do this... I'm all about learning and I had also taken a xanax and vicodin before all this started so things were finally a little less tense and my head wasn't pounding like a hard rock drum. I was nervous - what if they find something... what if my tubes are shot... what if they're like spiral curly fries? Hubs was with me through this... sitting over to the side... Things got under way - they cleaned, numbed (why didn't my OB do that when I had the biopsy?) grabbed my cervix, inserted the catheter and things got under way... and I turned one way, then the other way... then they shot more dye through... and it was done. I had some minor cramping, but all in all my fears were totally unfounded. I don't know if it was because the vicodin and xanax or my uterus... whichever the reason I am happy that it was a lot less painful than I anticipated.

Results - they initially were concerned that my right tube was not open... however the second shot of dye showed it spilling out... my uterus is normal - even "nice shaped" and both tubes were open. So... NBHHY - as Grrl would say...

On a side note hubs had some issues - he apparently got warm, sweaty, and had a minor panic moment... he was able to suck it up and watch, but he got that nauseated feeling again during the first dye shot... and he felt bad about that. Apparently we're in sync... when he had his wisdom teeth pulled last March I had a similar thing occur... we both just are really very connected. I thought it was sweet... he took care of me the rest of the day... made sure I ate something and let me sleep in the car. We were both very relieved by the results.

On to labs tomorrow and hopefully all will be okay... if not then we'll deal with it... or trigger will be delayed a few days.... which isn't a bad thing right?


Cathy said...

Great to hear that the parts look good. Great luck with the trigger and this whole cycle.

FreeThinker said...

Best wishes!