Saturday, February 11, 2006

No Bouncing??? Seriously???

So a multitude of things are running through my head...

First thought is... boy would I like to be a fly on the wall when hubs tells his parents his thoughts about certain SOB members of his family... It should be interesting... he may also drop the bomb about our struggles... I told him it's better to give them the shock all at once rather than spreading it out... don't know if he'll do it or not- by the way I am so glad that his parents are not like these other individuals... again KNOBS...

Second... Did I mention our injectable class? It was quite comical... it was 2 couples... me and hubs and a middle eastern couple... they were definitely not of the medical profession and the husband was trying to figure out the pen... it was quite funny... The nurse also stressed the importance of "NO BOUNCING" once you start the injectables... because ya know I just bounce so much... the whole risk of ovarian torsion... my question is how many women had ovarian torsion from bouncing? I thought those buggers were fairly stable in there not really freely moveable... of course I am not a reproductive nurse... just your garden variety critical care nurse and I can't quite picture in my head my ovaries and me bouncing along and then decided to turn on ones self... however we will follow the rule on NO BOUNCING... Hubs of course came up with... so that means you on top is out? They are SO taking the fun out of this! He also just about flipped a lid when he read... Increased risk for ectopic pregnancy... thanks but no we've done that once and maybe more times seriously we don't need to try that again. It was not fun for me or for her. We only do pleasant things multiple times.

Third... Work is well work... there's a position in ER open - do I really want ER? Do I really want to attempt to interview, etc right now when all is up in the air? Not sure to say the least. I know I need to do something different, I just feel so stagnant... it's awful. Suggestions - know anyone that needs a great private duty critical care nurse? That pays like awesome wages for part time?

Well off to bed for me so I can go back tonight and do it all over again... i love my job... I love my job... I love my job... seriously it's great can't you tell :D

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