Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Level alert decreased to Yellow...

Lets see at the beginning of our last discussion the level alert was orange... Monday I had repeat bloodwork including the whole methotrexate panel... the results came in at a beta hcg 19. So down from 44 on Thursday can we all jump up and down and scream and be happy.

Today I received the news that fortunately I do not have any weird thrombophilias or immunity disorders. This is good news. The other good news was my platelet count was higher than anticipated. Considering the bruising I've got going on that's impressive.

I have a couple of other wrap up kind of things... First prayers are needed that my best friend's surgery to remove a polyp goes well. She had it done today and I haven't heard word yet. She's been trying for about 16 months (I'm not positive about the time frame, but hopefully this fixes things and makes her ute a bit more hospitable and gives her and her husband answers.

Second have you ever felt if you didn't have bad luck you would have no luck at all. On top of all the crap that went on Friday which was pretty awful, we also found out that hubby didn't move on to the next step for a job he was trying for, and then today I found out who got the flight nurse position. Not to be mean, but I'm way more experienced than her... and well I wouldn't let her touch one of my family or friends. This really pissed me off. Bottom line it's unacceptable... but not a damn thing I can do about it.

I'm adrift. I don't know where I want to go next. Right now all I can focus on is getting pregnant and since that's been going SO well that I just don't know what I want to do next. I know that this feeling too will pass, but boy I'm not depressed, just so very frustrated beyond belief.

I have my annual tomorrow... while there I'm going to ask for a mini script of xanax... I figure that that way when I have the hsg at the very least I won't care so much and hell maybe it'll improve my sleeping.

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DinosaurD said...

Hi Samara

I know what you mean about the "no luck" comment. I recently sent my hope to someone but specifically said I wouldn't send my luck as it tends to be bad.
It is good news that you "do not have any weird thrombophilias or immunity disorders". (I will refrain from leaping up and down though - I wouldn't want to break anything)