Sunday, January 14, 2007

AaaaaChooo!!! Good Lord What Else Can Go Wrong?

Lets recap - we were guilted into going to the other side of the state for a memorial service with 10 dogs in a car. Yes... that did indeed happen. Damn I was hoping it was just a nightmare.

It all started by running late on Friday to the vet's. D started cursing - and well things went downhill from there. Thank goodness our vet is wonderful and it was not a problem for her that we were running late. I took Chance and Blue in with me to the vet leaving D with 3 dogs and 5 puppies in the car.

See Blue had started sneezing... wet sneezes... mind you the puppy has not been out of the house except to vet visits and has not been exposed to anyone or anybody so how the heck did he get a "cold" well he got it from his sister and he then proceeded to sneeze on every single one of his siblings... the little stinker. So... she quick looks Blue over and after a bit of talk a wet sneeze thrown in we decide we're just going to treat every single one of the little buggers so I can quit having to run up to get antibiotics. To be truthful I think the rest of the crew including Blue is just jealous because Emmy Lou (teal) is getting the pink stuff. I really need to take a picture of the little monsters at medicine time because seriously it's quite comical. The minute I go to the fridge they're all at my feet begging for the "pink" stuff. If only kids took medicine this easily.

Chance was seen as well and his wound was looked at by both vets and they both commented - it looks much better than it did. Yeah uhmm it does - however pus is "NOT GOOD!" They agreed, but kept reminding me how far it has come from when he first got injured, had the first surgery, then the second and then of course the third. We're trying to avoid anymore cutting action. So for now I flush and put some ointment in there and keep him on antibiotics.

So lets see - that's uhmm 7 dogs on antibiotics. Saturday night we noted that Lola was sneezing - we're hoping she'll get over it and realize she doesn't need the pink stuff.

In other news - we've lived in our house for roughly 2 years and have been neighbor free the entire time. That has unfortunately come to a screeching halt. If you hear wailing - that would be mine because of course the house next door to us is the one these people are living in now. Why???? Seriously why??? The house is on a big hill the driveway is a nightmare and they chose that house??? Stupid stupid people... so I'm currently researching fencing options as come spring - we'll be having one installed.

We learned of the new neighbors when we noted after driving in a sleet storm that there were 3 vehicles parked at that house... I believe D uttered some more profanities, but I could be wrong. I put on my "fake" face and hoped and prayed that it was just people working on the house... I was so very wrong and I hope my face didn't fall. I could be wrong of course though. I knew we should have just contacted the guy about buying it on a land contract... talk about ruining an already crappy day. Here's hoping these new neighbors are nice... because otherwise this could seriously suck even more than it does already...

No other news to report... the uhmm car ride was interesting... puppies started out in a big plastic container and slowly they came out one by one... until we decided to say screw the container and then it became a puppy free for all. I believe at one point on the ride home today we had a pup in D's lap, Chance at my feet on the floor with a nice pillow and blankie, a pup on the arm rest and 2 pups in my lap. The other 2 were in the back terrorizing Lola and Ernie who had decided he didn't want to be in the back with Meghan and came to the middle section of our vehicle. It was CRAZY!!! I told D his parents owe us big time. D agreed... so now we have to figure out how to wiggle out of a retirement party (as again how to avoid MIL's family? FIL's family is great - we'll spend a lot of time with them but the idiots on MIL's side well not so much!)... with any luck my MIL will plan it for Memorial Day weekend and I'm working that for sure so here's hoping.


Beagle said...

Wow, I have one cat on an antibiotic right now and that's about all I can manage! And the car ride? Sounds like a real trip!

Hang in there!

Mandy said...

It certainly is never dull at your household, is it? Yikes. Here's hoping that everyone is on mend, and quickly!

And I'll keep hoping that your MIL plans the retirement party for Memorial Day weekend. ;)

OHN said...

Every time I find myself browsing the classifieds for a new pup--I have to head to your blog to knock some sense into myself :) I can't even imagine all the work! One at a time is hard

OHN said...

Ok--now I can blame you. I caved and got a puppy--we absolutely love him. I DO NOT KNOW how you are doing it with so many! You have all my admiration!!!