Sunday, January 21, 2007

Head In The Sand

Sometimes I am an ostrich and stick my head in the sand. If you go here you'll see what I'm being an ostrich about. I've got my head firmly in the sand and truthfully I'm okay with being oblivious about this.

I am encouraged by the fact that these results showed up 2 days earlier than I've ever had in previous cycles, but we are not getting our hopes up. I know that sounds horribly pessimistic, but when you go back to my recap of 2006 you'll understand why. I have not had a blood test done and truthfully if I could avoid having one and having numbers to obsess about that truthfully don't mean squat in my eyes and in my heart. I've had good numbers and nothing... I've had bad numbers and nothing. We're waiting for that whole picture... the u/s that shows a heartbeat located in the uterus and we haven't had that yet.

So nothing bad has happened yet NBHHY - that's about as far as we've gotten in our thought processes. We shall see... wait and maybe we'll have news in 2.5 weeks... So no congratulations please.

So number 11 it is... hopefully this is my lucky number rather than 28.

*We'll do a beta sometime this coming week - I haven't decided when. All I can say is E*P*T was positive on Thursday, the digital was positive on Friday at 12 dpo... so who knows what will happen.


Mandy said...

While you're being an ostrich in Michigan, I'm being optimistic in Idaho! Was glad to see this updated today and am hoping for the best as always. Will hope/pray that #11 proves to be more fruitful than 1-10.

DinosaurD said...

You know I so get it (unfortunately). This late time, I had my first beta done just for confirmation of my dates and the second done (something like a week later) just for confirmation of what should show up (at a minimum) on an ultrasound.
I don't think you're being pessimistic - you'd have to be a masochist to be acting much differently (at least in my ever humble opinion). If this is a keeper (and I so hope so), you have the rest of your life to be overjoyed and happy about it. But going there right now just makes it worse if things don't work out this time (been there, done that).
You know I am hoping though - quietly and hopefully not too obtrusively.
Where's my picture of Ernie?

Thalia said...

Yes, well I can't claim as much experience as you or DinoD, but I do empathise with the ostrich and the fear. But I will hope very hard for you and this embryo.

Kristen said...

I will hold off on the congratulations but I sincerely hope this is your sticky BFP. It is extremely hard to be anything other than fearful and anxious when you have been through so much. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Cathy said...

Fingers crossed.

Summer said...

Got everything crossed that #11 is the one for you.

Kath said...

Oh, Sami, I am so very hopeful for you. Please let this one work out!