Thursday, January 11, 2007

To Insure or Not?

In answer to some of the delurking comments...

We have a Santa Fe... I love it and what will occur is Ernie and Meg will be in the back in their seat belts. Puppies will be in their box and Lola will be in her seat belt in the middle. Chance will be in the front with D & myself.

Yes - we are a bit nuts to do this... I'm not looking forward to the hassle, but know that we should to spend time with D's dad's family as they cope with the loss of his aunt.

In regards to pet insurance - about 6-7 years ago I had pet insurance and to be honest - it didn't save me any money. Now - it might, but it's unlikely. Our vet has a program that you can apply for that allows you to pay off your balance over 12 months and have 0% interest. We took advantage of that program to deal with Chance's vet costs. We'll probably do the same with the puppy vaccines as well as Meg's spay. Those things are all up for grabs.

Pet insurance would be fabulous if it worked like my old insurance rather than my new insurance. What happens is you pay up front then send in your reimbursement fomrs and they may or may not reimburse you for the exact amount. Not fun as my vet fees were generally more than their reasonable and customary. As Chance got older the premium increased. I paid a lot more for the insurance than I paid for the vet... so cost/benefit just wasn't there. Even now it wouldn't be there. To insure Chance who now is geriatric and would be considered high risk as he's got degenerative disk disease (which wasn't covered of course) would cost us more than what we've had to pay for his 3 surgeries and follow ups. So... right now it's just not worth it.

Hope that helps to explain things. My company does offer a discount, but truthfully it still wouldn't be worth it in the long run.

We're leaving in the morning (Friday) after another vet appointment. Chance's recheck was postponed until Friday as they were swamped. So Friday will be our day of travel.

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Maribeth said...

Safe journey, Sam!