Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Have No Self Control...

We all knew patience wasn't a virtue I possessed... *show of hands* thought so. So no one would be surprised by the news that I went for an u/s today. I did only because I had had some more bleeding and truthfully had had some ache in my side. Since I have the history of an ectopic I didn't want to spend all weekend going "is that my tube rupturing?"

So this morning found me making a phone call... I wanted the nurse who I like. I got someone else. She doesn't know me. She hadn't read my file at all. Imagine this conversation...

Nurse: Bleeding can be normal in pregnancy.
Me: Did you even bother to look at my history?
Nurse: *silence*
Me: Because if you had you'd know that I've been pregnant 11 times and I have no children... of those 11 times each has involved bleeding of some sort. One included bleeding that resulted in an ectopic with properly doubling betas and a doctor who told me it couldn't possibly be ectopic, who then left my husband to tell me after my d/c that it was an ectopic.
Nurse: What would you like to do?
Me: I'd like an u/s - I know we won't see a heart beat, but we can at least get the whole ectopic watch done with.
Nurse: Today okay?
Me: Yes.

So this afternoon while I was waiting for my u/s I was in the bedroom, puppies decided they were going to escape from their x-pen. I watched Purple aka Bert climb the x-pen. Great... just great. Mind you we don't have enough kennels yet. We hoped we wouldn't need to buy any more kennels. We have 2 large kennels for Ernie and Meg, a medium sized kennel for Chance, and then a small kennel for Lola and then there's another small kennel somewhere and a medium one.

The puppies are too big for the medium one already so that was out. What the heck am I going to do with these puppies while I'm at the RE's office? Decision was made that the puppies were going with to the RE's office - worse case scenario I can hold a puppy and sob on the ride home since D won't be with for this u/s as he's at a class.

I put plastic in the back of my SUV, and tried to erect a barrier so that the puppies will stay in the back and not be in the front. Load up puppies, throw in some toys. Put all other dogs in their kennels and tell them I will be back shortly.

Ride up went fine. No puppies in the front seat and I left them with the instruction to "behave themselves." Since these are excellent puppies they all looked at me with their halos and nodded.

Once in the RE's office we debated about my lmp as well as ovulation date, only to have Dr. Sarcastic (my favorite) deciding to go with my ovulation date. Let me just say - much better wander than the nurses. In he's in and we see exactly what we're supposed to see at 5 weeks 2 days - a gestational sac, and a fetal pole (at least I assume that's what the white dot is). I apparently ovulated on my right which is what side I was having pain on.

In the consulation room - bless his heart he said "While bleeding can be common with your history it's totally understandable to come in for an early scan." I told him what I thought of his nurses calling it "normal" he laughed and said they didn't read your history did they? I said no... He also suspects that some of those early miscarriages where the betas don't double quite right could be due to ectopics that resolve themselves. Which I didn't know he even thought that. So next week repeat u/s with Dr. Sarcastic. D will be there for that one and we should see a heart beat if it's going to be there. Dr. Sarcastic also mentioned that D and I don't waste time at all in regards to getting pregnant.

I also had the opportunity to flip through my chart while I walked to the front desk... and D's count from the IUI was actually 13.1 million, with 10.1 million motile prewash... so not as awful as we thought it was. Not perfect, but that could have been due to the extra curricular activities we indulged in.

Okay so back to the car... I come out and what do I see? 6 puppies in the front. 3 in the basket and 3 in the driver's seat. A container that used to contain gummy bears empty. They ate the gummy bears all of them! Good grief...

So the car ride home involved 1 puppy puking, 3 puppies in a basket, 2 puppies on an armrest and 1 puppy in my lap... forget that whole riding in back crap they figured out how to climb over my barricade and were all about being in the front - preferably in the windshield.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of them. It was quite comical.

Never a dull moment here... will be posting more puppy pictures soon. They got to play in the snow last night for the first time. It was a riot!


statia said...

Oh man. There's nothing worse than puppies getting into candy!! It's too bad you couldn't have had a video camera set up while you were getting wanded.

And really, wtf is up with incompetent nurses?

Mandy said...

At least it was only one puking! Hopefully that's the only "fallout" you'll have from the gummi bear mishap. LOL

And congrats, once again, on it being in utero.

Kath said...

Dear Sami, I am so glad to hear about your ultrasound. (It was almost worth cleaning up puppy puke for, wasn't it?) So hoping things continue to go wonderfully well for you.

Inglewood said...

I am so glad it is not ectopic. Yay!

Love the puppy stories, what a commotion, you must have put a smile on the face of the other drivers on the road.

JMB said...

I know that we aren't allowed to get happy yet, but getting over the ectopic barrier is a good step forward.

I would have loved to see the puppy parade on the way home...Without the barrier installed in our SUV, one of our dogs will demand to be in the back seat, paws on the front center console, with head out of the sunroof. Needless to say, I have an idea of your pain.

Keep the good news coming!

Hoping said...

So happy for you that it is not ectopic.

Can I just say that the story of the puppies made me laugh so hard! Poor puking puppy.

OHN said...

It is partly your fault that I caved and got a new puppy. You and those darn cute pictures did me in! We have had to take only ONE in the car and it was chaos, I can't imagine what your trip was like :)

Got my fingers crossed for you--you could use a flawless pregnancy!

Shawnee said...

really we need an update, are you still alive out there??