Monday, January 29, 2007

Send Some Love Out

Since I am currently not focusing on myself right now - remember I'm an ostrich and my head is in the sand. I have nothing to report in regards to our not negative.

However there is a lot of anxiety and some sadness out in the blog world right now...

The first is Jill who just lost her dad as well as had a miscarriage with a d/c. Jill has been a great friend over the last year to me and provided me with a lot of support. I know she is hurting right now and she needs all of our love and prayers.

The second is Amy she's waiting patiently for another u/s and praying for things to work out. Her and I just started emailing and she's quite comical as well as honest.

The third is Mandy she's coping with being on her own for the first time while her husband C is jet setting in China and Taiwan... she is going through mommy boot camp the hard way with a baby in tow. She's surviving, but hopefully her mongrels will start behaving rather than driving her batty!

The fourth is a dear friend Joan who just recently lost her daughter Lisa. I have known Joan via an email list for about 10 years now. Joan is in her 70's and always has the best advice. Her daughter Lisa died in their home about a week ago. My heart goes out to her. Lisa didn't have an easy life and Joan and her hubby are devestated at her death. So while I can't send you to her website I can ask for you to keep them in your prayers.

Uhmm not much else to say... I go back to work on Thursday and while I'm not delighted to do so I do know that that will make the time go by quickly until Wednesday is here. Wednesday is going to be a long day for me as we have the appt for the u/s as well as Louie (aka Green) will be going to his new home that day. Friday - Emmy Lou (teal) will be going to her new home... Not sure when my fil will be picking up Jodi but I imagine it will be shortly. He's been itching to come and play with her and snuggle. She's a little love, but boy is she going to give him a run for his money. It'll be fun to watch! We still have yet to find homes for 3 of the pups... and while I know it is in our best interest to find homes for everyone, I am not stressing about that. With any luck someone will call me and say "I'd like a puppy here are my references" rather than the weird email I had to deal with from someone in CO who wanted me to ship a dog in winter. Yeah uhmm NO.

So for now Purple - (D has taken to calling him Bert), Black (I've taken to calling pistol), and Blue (we just call him Blue) are ours until they find homes... so my house while a bit quieter won't be empty for a bit. Unless of course things change again. Ultimately we shall see.


Mandy said...

Thanks for thinking of me...I'm hoping the mongrels don't drive me batty as well...

Continuing to hope that things are progressing well on the "not negative" front. Not so patiently waiting for the 7th!

Maribeth said...

Tough start to the year for so many.
I'm starting to think that the pups should go soon! They are so much work right now! WOW!